Avid fans of FitFlop know how innovative the brand is when it comes to their footwear. They always have new designs and styles of biomechanically engineered footwear, catering to Superwomen all over the world who seeks for comfort. This year, as the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, FitFlop is launching another exciting collection that will revolutionize the way we see flip flops forever – The iQushion.


Last November 23, FitFlop iQushion was launched at the Grind Store in UP Town Center.


Feeling extra fatigued at the end of the day could be down to many things, including bad footwear, which is why the iQushion midsole, invented to give the wearer ultimate comfort in all the right places, is one of the most innovative FitFlop technology launches to date.

iQushion™ technology works by mirroring the natural shape of the foot, providing higher impact absorption at the heel, ball of foot and arch contour. It is both lightweight and anatomically contoured; providing ultimate comfort.


Is it really necessary to put this much science and research into a pair of simple flip flops, you may ask? Yes, because by paying specific attention to pressure points, pressure lines and natural walking positions, FitFlop’s unique iQushion technology has been developed in accordance with biomechanical principles to create all-day comfort.

iQushion flip flops come in an array of sprightly fun colours, splashy two-tone prints and shimmery metallics. For those who opt to keep it simple, the available colors for plain iQushion flip flops are nude, gold, bronze, silver, deep plum, urban white, aqua, and blue violet.


Meanwhile, those who prefer something more adventurous can go for the leopard print varieties which come in black mix, bronze mix, and classic red mix or the tiger print designs in aqua, nude, soft grey, and charcoal.


Far from typical flip flops, slipping on a pair of iQushion flip flops will instantly reveal its wonder – easily making it every game changing superwoman’s ultimate footwear of choice when heading to the beach, bar, and beyond!

Here I am with Alyssa Lapid and Jackie Go wearing our choice of FitFlop iQushion

Alyssa Lapid, Jackie Go and Angela Nepomuceno

To know more about FitFlop, visit www.fitflop.com and https://www.facebook.com/FitFlopPhilippines/. Or check out the following social media handle and hashtags: @fitflopph and #FitflopGameChanger

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