Happy New Year! How did you start your 2018? I normally do a year-ender post, but my busy schedule during the holiday season did not allow me to. Sorry about that! I promise to be a better blogger this year – this is going to be my new year’s resolution! Haha! Let me start of by sharing what I did in preparation for 2018…


New year means new hair for me! I usually do something new to my hair for Chinese New Year, but I couldn’t wait that long anymore. My hair color has turned too brassy and I couldn’t take it anymore. My initial choice is just to tone down the color — nothing fancy, just a brown shade that would last for quite a while. Carl of Hairshaft Podium (Instagram @hairshaftcarl) suggested something different. He knows how much I love my Rose Gold hair color so he gave it a twist.


Ultra Violet is the color of the year for 2018 so this is our inspiration for my hair color. Carl mixed it with Rose Gold to achieve this shade. Ahhh… don’t you just love it? I super do! Although this will soon fade since I have a very light base, Carl made sure that the mix of colors won’t turn brassy. He said it will fade beautifully and I trust him 100% on that! Well, don’t worry, you’ll see the changes of this hair color in my future posts. ūüėČ


Notice the mix of colors and gradient…


I like the subtle transition of the shades. I always prefer the balayage style since the black roots of my hair is not so noticeable when it starts to grow. In fact, it blends nicely. Note though that not all salons know how to do balayage so make sure to research!


Hairshaft is located at the new Podium mall, Mandaluyong. You can message Carl through Viber 09182527621 for appointment. 

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