When I hear the brand ‘Calvin Klein’, the first thing that comes to my mind is its CK One fragrance. Those who grew up using CK One would surely understand and probably have the same recall of the brand. I’m such a huge fan of CK One that I finished quite a few bottles of it.


A few weeks ago, a new Calvin Klein fragrance was launched — CK All, a new interpretation of timeless. It is bold, inclusive, and expressive.


CK All Scent

Top notes: a bright and stimulating blend of bergamot, madarin and grapefruit flower

Middle notes: taking it in a refreshing and clean direction is paradisone, coronal, lilyflore and rhubarb

Bottom notes: amber, musk and vetiver offer an expressive warmth

CK All Packaging

The CK All bottle is an echo of the iconic flask-shaped bottle made over in bright white to communicate the clean, universal appeal of CK All. It is easily recognizable and sill a fresh, modern expression of the classic we’ve all come to love.


I find CK All’s scent closer to CK One than CK Be. CK All is just a bit stronger or bolder than CK One, but still fresh and not overwhelming. It has a timeless scent, which can also be a classic just like its predecessor.


CK All is available in all leading department stores nationwide. Price points are as follows: 200ml – PHP 4,598; 100ml – PHP 3,398; 50ml – PHP 2,498.

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