One of the designer labels that most bag hags have (or wish to have) is Goyard. I admire their luggage and duffle bags most, but of course I don’t have all the money in the world to buy such. We all know that luggages are just tossed around in the airport and I’d probably cry if I’d see my designer bag being thrown away here and there. Hehehe! Therefore, it’s the least of my priorities. I still have a long list of bags to get. Hehehe! 🙂

goyard saint louisAnyway, one of the most famous bags of Goyard is the Saint Louis. It’s a shopping tote that comes in three sizes- the junior, PM and GM. I find the PM the perfect size for this style and if I’m not mistaken, my fellow bag hag, Fashion Juice, is eyeing for a Saint Louis in PM too. Well, who wouldn’t love Goyard Saint Louis?! With the various chic colors available, every bag hag surely considers this purse an eye candy. As for me though, I have yet to decide whether I would make the Goyard Saint Louis part of my collection. I’m still hunting for a shopping tote with zipper. And as of now, my mind is clouded with the letters G-S-T! LOL! I’m currently prioritizing my Chanel GST purchase (which hopefully would come soon).

Well, for those who are here in Asia, the usual place to go to in terms of designer labels is Hong Kong. Now, if you are bound to visit the country or simply intrigued on the prices of Saint Louis Goyard over there, the good news is I was able to inquire about them. 🙂 I went to their boutique at Peninsula Arcade in Kowloon, Hong Kong. (See what sight seeing means to me?! LOL!) The thing is, the SA told me that the Goyard Saint Louis comes in two sizes only- the medium and the large (I am assuming she is pertaining to the PM and the GM, respectively). Hmmm… I’m thinking she got confused or the boutique in Hong Kong only sells two sizes??? Well, whatever it is, the Goyard Saint Louis PM is priced at HKD 7,100, while the GM is priced at HKD 8,490. Prices may or may not have changed. These prices are as of June 15, 2009.

Oh, by the way, if you’re going to the Hong Kong boutique any time soon to buy a Saint Louis, I’m sorry to say but they don’t have any available stocks!!! 🙁 Yah, their Saint Louis were wiped out when I inquired last June 15 and the SA said, stocks will  probably arrive around August. (Hmmm… Just in time for my come back in Hong Kong… LOL!)