You have a big presentation happening next week. You’ve been preparing for it for days, then suddenly your monthly visitor comes. What will you do? Excuse yourself from work because you are feeling lethargic? Hey, don’t let your period stop you from being at your best in your career! Here are a few tips on how to stay on top of your game despite your heavy days.


  • Focus on your goals. The first two days of your period should be the hardest. Some feel heavy, stressed, or even get cramps. Try to stay focused on your goals and dreams instead, so you can get your work done perfectly and on time.


  • Power dress. Believe it or not, looking good can affect the mood of the person. Wear what makes you feel confident whether it’s the right kind of shoes, blazer, or skirt. Most of the time, girls would stay away from white clothing during their period. If that would make you more comfortable, go ahead!


  • Wear your favorite lipstick (or any makeup that makes you feel beautiful). Go for your instant pick-me-up lipstick to brighten up your mood. Feeling good about yourself can help a lot in doing your best at work.

  • Use the right pad. I know how it feels when you’ve been preparing for something big, then suddenly your period comes. The least you want to happen on your presentation day is to be conscious whenever you feel that sudden gush. Using the right pad will make you feel confident. Instead of checking period stains constantly, you can stay focused on what you have to do. But what is the “right pad”? The first two days of your menstrual period can be considered the heaviest days, but most of us normally use a regular-sized pad. Unfortunately, it can’t handle sudden gushes every now and then. Use a heavy flow pad instead, like Modess All Night, so you can stay on top of your game without worrying about stains or leaks.


I hope my tips will be useful to all the girls out there. Remember, having our period is already part of our life and it should never hinder us from being at our best in our careers.

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