Here’s what I wore during the launch of Sanuk Yoga Sling at Beyond Yoga. The theme was Boho Barefoot Party. Honestly, I forgot about the theme. I just accidentally came in a maxi dress, which could pass as something “boho”. LOL! 😀


Since I was wearing a dress, I wasn’t able to try anti-gravity yoga. 🙁 Awww! 🙁 But my craziness strikes again, here I am sitting on the cloth sling for an OOTD shot! Haha! You have to give me credit as it takes a bit of effort to sit on that cloth. LOL! 😀


Anyhoo, I finally had a chance to wear my maxi dress I got from Japan. My style here is so Japanese. Why? Well, if you walk down the streets of Japan now, you’ll see a lot of girls wearing a shirt/ blouse on top of their maxi dresses. Who wouldn’t love it?! It’s so comfortable! Too add some colors, I used a lime green bag and red Ray-Ban aviators flash lens. (Shout out to Paul the PR Guy!)


Maxi dress: from Japan
Cropped top: from Japan
Bag: Suiteblanco
Shades: Ray-Ban flash lens

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