Vietura Ultralipo uses Cavitation technology, a non-surgical body contouring treatment where a machine emits pulsating or continuous sound waves that targets stored fats under the skin.


Okay, don’t judge me. Haha! Yes, I’ve tried Vietura’s Ultralipo. Not that I really need it. I just want to know how it feels and share my experience here. Well, of course, it would also be nice if it lessens my fats on the sides. It bulges when wearing tight dress or jeans. Hehe!

When I arrived, I was ushered to their waiting area where I was offered drinks. I love the feel of this room. In fact, all of their treatment rooms have the vertical gardens, as I shared in my Sofitel Manila Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle post.



The nurse arrived after a few minutes. She led me into one of Vietura’s treatment room, where the procedure was held.

Vietura Ultralipo Procedure

A cold gel was applied on the handheld device, which was set at a special frequency. It was then massaged on the sides and center of my tummy. This was done for 15 minutes. At first, I didn’t feel anything at all. A few minutes after, I felt a very slight tingling sensation since my skin was already getting red. It was explained to me that not all feel pain nor get red skin. It only happens to those with not much fats. My therapist even said it was her first time to see skin that red due to Ultralipo. It’s just because there’s really not much fats to breakdown.


Vietura Ultralipo Effects

There is no downtime after the treatment. The fats are naturally eliminated by the body via the lymphatic system and will be eventually excreted in the urine. I think there’s really not much fats in me as I didn’t really kept on  going to the restroom a few minutes after the procedure. Hehe.

Is there a huge noticeable difference after the Ultralipo procedure? No. I was told that one can see results after 5 to 6 sessions, but of course, for faster results, it’s advisable to accompany the procedure with diet and exercise.

I do not recommend Ultralipo though to those who are sensitive to sound. Since this technology uses sound waves, you can hear a continuous sound while it touches your skin. Vietura has other body sculpting procedures though like Lipocryo, a fat removal technology that freezes fats and eliminates them.

Vietura Ultralipo is about PHP 5,000 per session, but the price can be lower depending on the number of sessions you’ll need.

For more information about Vietura, call +632 551 5555 local 5000 or e-mail at [email protected] or visit www.vietura.comFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

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