Hotel Staycation is growing more popularity these days since it’s a perfect way to relax without the need to leave the city. Recently, I, together with other bloggers, were invited to a Beauty Staycation. At first, I wasn’t really sure what’s the difference between “staycation” and “beauty staycation”. Since I was a kid, my family loves to go on staycations once in a while. I pamper myself. I get a massage. I indulge. I do whatever makes me feel relax and stress-free. I then realized what beauty staycation is all about after experiencing it first hand at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.


In our luxurious club room, we were greeted with Vietura skincare, itinerary for our overnight stay, and a personal note from Mr. Adam Laker, Hotel General Manager.


fresh fruits and some pastries to enjoy inside the room


Sofitel Manila’s beauty staycation packages were developed alongside their very own health and aesthetic institute, Vietura. We all went for consultation to specifically see what services would suit each of us. The treatments to be done were scheduled the following morning after breakfast. I’ll share more about it later on.


After our consultation, we spent our time lounging at the pool area and at the Club Lounge. Then, we headed to Spiral for dinner. Of course, everyone was so excited for Spiral’s buffet. Who wouldn’t?! For me, they hold the title of having the best buffet here in Manila! It’s always a happy meal for me when I’m in Spiral. BUT Beauty Staycation is different. Since it was designed together with Vietura, as said earlier, it aims to take care your overall beauty, health and wellness. Vietura lives by their three-step philosophy, ‘Measure, Mentor and Monitor’. More than the superficial improvements, Vietura encourages beneficial lifestyle changes, and monitors client’s progress/setbacks. Having said that, a special set meal was prepared for us called De-Light.

Shooter Trio (250 kcal)


De-Light by Sofitel was developed exclusively by Thalassa Sea & Spa, the recognized nutrition and wellness experts in France for over 40 years. The meal is composed of well-balanced, low-calorie, portion controlled meals to help meet health and weight goals in delicious style.

Vietnamese Spring Roll (118 kcal)


Chicken Tandoori (360 kcal)


Steamed Salmon (360 kcal)


Assorted Sushi (98 kcal)


Tuna Tartare (236 kcal)


Steamed Scallop (264 kcal)

This is my fave of all!!! Oh dear, I’m already a happy girl with this dish!!! 😀


Honey Green Teak Cake (204 kcal)


If I were in some other restaurant, I would be overwhelmed with the De-Light meal already. Probably it’s the thought that we were in Sofitel, specifically in Spiral, which made us think of indulging ourselves in food. But then again, we were here for a beauty staycation. We were here because we wanted to feel good in and out- and not just during our staycation. Vietura doesn’t just aim to let you look good physically. They leverage on its holistic approach to beauty and wellness and this entails beneficial lifestyle changes. But mind you, we were all surprised how full we were after the De-Light dinner. In fact, they allowed us after to go to the buffet but most of us didn’t even had the urge to eat more. The meal was very filling and delicious.

Right after dinner, we had a relaxing full body massage at Le Spa. It was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had. I seldom fall asleep during a massage. This was one of the rare times. Wow! Thanks Le Spa! I can’t wait to be back!


The following day, our call time was 8:00am to do some Yoga at SoFIT. I’ve never tried Yoga. To be honest, I wasn’t interested at all when I saw the itinerary. LOL! But it’s part of the Beauty Staycation program so we couldn’t miss it. Surprisingly, I liked it!!! I felt rejuvinated. Finally, my muscles were stretched.


It was also challenging to do difficult poses. Please don’t judge me in my photo below. It was my first time. Haha!



After Yoga, it was time to reward ourselves with Sprial’s breakfast buffet! Woot! Happy tummy indeed! 😀




For those who are strictly on a De-Light meal, there are signs all throughout the buffet area for De-Light breakfast. 😀





Last but not the least, before checking out, we had our treatments done. My consultant advised me to try Resolift and Ultraslim Tight. I’m doing a separate review on these treatments as they are really very interesting.


Now you know what Beauty Staycation at Sofitel is! It’s an urban health and wellness retreat guided by Vietura experts for a new and better you. It doesn’t just aim to make you look good through non-invasive treatments. It’s also about living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. And in doing so, you’ll be able to increase your activity to the optimal level.

Here are Sofitel’s Beauty Staycation Packages:

Summer Perfection (rate is at PHP 22,000 nett, but valued at PHP 60,265 nett)

Slim down for summer and reveal your inner goddess.

overnight accommodation, choice of De-Light cuisine, nutritional assessment, SoFit access, slimming massage at LeSpa, Lipocryo, and Ultraslim Tight

Timeless Beauty (rate is at PHP 30,000 nett, but valued at PHP 63,265 nett)

Relax, rejuvenate, erase the years and turn back time.

overnight accommodation, choice of De-Light cuisine, nutritional assessment, Yoga class, SoFit access, rejuvenating massage at LeSpa, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Resolift

Detox Retreat  (rate is at PHP 17,500 nett, but valued at PHP 31,265 nett)

Cleanse yourself of unwanted toxins safely and bring out beauty from within.

overnight accommodation, choice of De-Light cuisine, nutritional assessment, Yoga class, SoFit access, de-stress massage at LeSpa, Colonics Hydrotherapy, and Ultralipo

For more information, you can visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Vietura).

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