“We need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.” – This is the line we often hear or read when it comes to caring for our skin. Admittedly, I’m one of those who always give this reminder to my friends and readers. But sadly, the harmful sunrays is not the only enemy. Environmental pollution does not only post high risks on the health, but it can also cause damage to the skin. In fact, it could be the reason why skin’s dry, dull, and sensitive. And for us living in the city, where there is rise of industrial buildings and increase in number of automobiles – which are major contributors in worsening city pollution, this can be a daily challenge to the modern Filipina with sensitive skin.


Air pollution in megacities (urban areas with at least 10 million people) can be up to 15 times higher across the globe than recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines. When pollution comes into contact on the skin, the particles’ tiny size – which could be up to 20 times smaller than pores – allows them to infiltrate deeper layers of the epidermis. The breakdown of skin barrier functions at a cellular-level can make skin extra sensitive, and can cause skin irritation, dryness, dehydration, premature aging and dullness.

“The Philippines, together with Malaysia and Thailand, all ranked with the highest air pollution index2 in Southeast Asia, having a rating of 67 to 73, which reads as high air pollution,” says Jon Lee, Head of Skin Health & Nutrition, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines. “We are talking to women who are driven by the megacity lifestyle. Studies have provided data linking the fast development of megacities like Metro Manila with the rapid increase in city pollution. And alongside that, the problem it brings to sensitive skin. It’s hard to escape pollution and other environmental aggressors, so it’s time to properly defend the skin.”


Backed up by its 20-year expertise in skin sensitivity, Physiogel® is at the forefront of defending the skin against the profound impact of city pollution, as it launches the breakthrough Daily Defence Facial Range – a complete day-to-night regimen to help defend the skin against pollution and environmental irritants.


Here’s the complete range: Physiogel® Daily Defence Gentle Facial Cleanser, Physiogel® Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream, Physiogel® Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Light and Physiogel® Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Rich


The Physiogel® Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Light and Physiogel® Daily Defence Protective Day Cream Rich contain broad spectrum UV protection, Physiogel BioMimic Technology®, and an Antioxidant Complex. The three elements combine to help protect against harmful UV rays, repair and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, and neutralize free radicals caused by pollution and radiation.


During the launch, they also introduced the girls who don’t let the city get under their skin!

Fay Hokulani, Martine Cajucom and Liz Uy


“As I travel to different megacities around the globe, I used to never really care about city pollution – not until I started noticing the visible changes on my skin.” As a modern city woman, international digital creator, local celebrity stylist and magazine editor, Liz Uy, shares this belief with Physiogel®. “Sun spots, skin dryness and sensitivity, and practically aging faster are the effects of urban-living.”

“To all women living and enjoying the megacity lifestyle, and to those who will pursue this path in their careers, the best decision you can make for yourself is to carefully defend your skin. So go out there and let Physiogel® Daily Defence take care of your skin.” Uy encourages.

Here I am with Marj and Jackie. This facial range is definitely for us as we are one of the women who are driven by the megacity lifestyle.


I’m currently trying the new Physiogel Daily Defence Facial Range! Sharing my full review soon!


Physiogel Daily Defence Facial Range is available in leading department stores and drugstores nationwide.

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