When I was just practicing my winged eyeliner look, I dreaded redoing my eye makeup whenever I ended up with an uneven line. My OC-ness results to additional 5 – 10 minutes to my makeup routine since I had to erase the eyeliner and eyeshadow and reapply everything all over again – all because of a teeny weeny mistake. Although I can use a q-tip with makeup remover, the surrounding area always end up ruined. This is why I was so excited when Happy Skin released an instant makeup eraser. I tried a similar one long time ago when I was in the U.S. I had to keep on gliding the pen before it can completely erase the makeup though. Let us see how Happy Skin’s makeup eraser works. Read on my Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser Review after the jump!


Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser Product Information

Say hello to your new pen pal. The Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makeup Eraser is the ultimate on-the-go makeup remover pen that quickly cleans up and corrects all traces of makeup boo-boos without having to take off the rest of your makeup! Ideal for precision touch-ups and on-the-go makeup removal, the silky, non-greasy formula gently dissolves even long-wearing makeup. Mascara smears, uneven eyeliner, and other makeup smudges-now you can write off makeup mistakes, wherever they are!


I love Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser because…

  • who would not love it?! It is a must-have for anybody who uses makeup — even professional makeup artists! It instantly erases makeup boo-boos, such as uneven eyeliner, mascara or lipstick smears, and other makeup smudges, in just one swipe of the pen.
  • it is pen type, making it easy to bring wherever you go.
  • it has pointed tip for precise touch-ups – even thin eyeliner or a dot of makeup boo-boo.
  • there is no need to take off and redo the rest of the makeup for a tiny mistake.
  • surprisingly, it does not ruin my makeup around the spot where I used it. It really is a spot corrector.
  • it can instantly erase makeup – even waterproof products! Long-wearing dark or bright lipstick smears may need a few layers though.
  • it is not greasy. You can immediately use makeup on top, if needed.

I wish…

  • I know how long before the product completely dries up. I’m not sure how long this pen will last me.
  • it has a smoother tip. It feels quite rough when I glide it on my skin.

Tips on Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser

  • Open the cap. Use with a very light hand and glide the tip of the pen across makeup mistakes.
  • Use a clean tissue after each use to avoid buildup of makeup residue.
  • Ensure to return cap after every use for product not to dry up.

Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser Verdict

Everyone who uses makeup would benefit from Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser – even professional makeup artists. It can instantly erase makeup mistakes, without the need to take off the rest of your makeup. It just takes one swipe of this pen! I say, it should be a staple in your makeup kit!

transparent with a slight sheen


Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makuep Eraser is priced at PHP 499 and is available in all Happy Skin stores.

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