Imagine a footwear made of yoga mat… Isn’t that so comfortable?! Well, you don’t have to leave that to your imagination as Sanuk actually has Yoga Mat Sandals. They even expanded their collection for more fashion-forward looks.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals for men on the left and Yoga Mat Sandals with thinner straps for the ladies on the right


Sanuk Wedge Yoga Mat Sandals


And here’s the newest, Sanuk Yoga Sling which comes in different colors and designs…


The Sanuk Yoga Sling press launch was held at Beyond Yoga, where a quick anti-gravity yoga was demonstrated. I’ve always wanted to try this as it’s not the usual slow-paced floor work yoga. Anti-gravity yoga involves cloth sling where you hang your entire body to do different poses.


It’s really amazing how professionals do it. It looks easy when you watch them, but it’s exactly the opposite if you try it for the first time. LOL!



Just like the cloth slings used in anti-gravity yoga, Sanuk’s latest Yoga Sling has them too. It has a two-way stretch knit that wraps around the ankle and over the foot in a variety of attractive colors and patterns.


More than its fashionable style, it’s ultimately comfortable. It’s made of real, soft yoga mat, at the same time, it has lightweight and durable outsole. I just got my own pair yesterday and I have to say, it’s the most comfortable pair of sandals I own! Seriously! I already feel it’s going to be used and abused. Haha!


Sanuk also ensured that each pair of Yoga Slings is both vegan and vegetarian, so hooray to a healthy environment! 😀

happy campers during the event: Ana, Sarah, me, Krissy and Paul


Sanuk Yoga Sling is priced at PHP 2,290.

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