It has been like 2 months since Forever 21 opened here in Manila.


I was not one of those who lined up for hours during the opening. I don’t have the patience. Hehe! I visited the store days after the opening and I didn’t expect that I’d still be able to bring home several plastic bags from Forever 21. Apparently, they bring out new stocks every now and then. I had to control myself from getting clothes here and there because I was off to Bangkok the week after. When I got back from my trip, I was too excited to feature the clothes from our latest K.A.T. Collection that I completely forgot about wearing the stuff I bought from Forever 21. Eeeek! Sorry, it took me forever to share! Hehe! 🙂

Anyway, here’s one outfit I got from Forever 21, which I finally was able to wear when I went to Thunderbird Resorts. The horizontal stripes top and blue shorts combination brings a nautical vibe to my outfit. 🙂


Since it was a nice sunny day, I also decided to throw a little bit of bright color in to my outfit- a hot pink tank top and a floral headband. 🙂




On Lush Angel: Forever 21 sheer blouse and culottes shorts; pink tank top, brown braided belt and Eiffel Tower necklace from Bangkok; SM Department Store floral headband; Colin Stuart flip flops; Gucci sunglasses; leopard print cuff from London; earrings and crocodile skin leather bag from Korea