It has been raining for the past few days (or make that weeks) here in Manila, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing rompers. Especially when I went to Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point, my colorful floral romper added to that resort-ish feel. 🙂 It’s also a very comfy outfit, making it perfect for long drives (in our case, 5 hours drive from Manila to La Union). 🙂

Sorry, I only have 2 photos wearing my romper in the resort since we were dead tired when we got there. That’s what we get for not sleeping the night before! LOL! 🙂



On Lush Angel: KAT Collection romper and belt; Colin Stuart wedge flip flops; Gucci sunglasses; leopard print cuff from London; fedora hat from Bangkok

But who said I can’t wear romper in the city during the rainy season???


It’s one of the easiest outfit to wear in my closet! It’s like a dress- No need to think of the top-bottom pairing! 🙂


I loosely wrapped a belt around my waist to break the print since I’m not really fond of one-piece printed clothing. Well, I still do wear them, but I have to wear a belt to break the monotonous thing going on in my outfit. It’s just me. Some people don’t mind as it really helps in making you look taller. 🙂


Oh, it’s not quite obvious in the pictures, but I also wore a headband. Actually, make that headband(s). They are 2 separate braided headbands- one in gold and the other in bronze. 🙂


And since it was raining that night, I also wore a denim vest so as not to look too bare. 🙂


On Lush Angel: KAT Collection romper, denim vest and belt; Colin Stuart wedge flip flops; Louis Vuitton Speedy 30; H&M bangles; leopard print cuff and headbands from London; Eiffel Tower necklace from Bangkok; Accessorize cocktail ring