Yesterday, September 1, 2010, Steve Jobs announced the new 2010 iPods. Check them out below.

iPod Touch

– voice-chat features (similar to the newest iPhone!)

– front-facing camera (for video chats with other iPhone and iPod Touch users)

– retina display

– HD video recording


iPod Nano

– multi-touch (It’s now touch screen!)

– smaller and lighter


iPod Shuffle

– voice over (It can speak the names of songs)

– buttons are back

– clip-and-go (It’s wearable! Just clip it on your shirt or wherever, then you’re ready to go!)

– colorful (available in 5 different colors)

new_2010_ipod_shuffleSo what do you think of the new 2010 iPods?

I still prefer the design of the 5th generation iPod Nano. As for the new iPod Touch, I won’t be replacing my 3rd generation iPod Touch for the new one since I won’t really be using the new features. 🙂 I’m glad though that Apple brings back the buttons and the square shape of the iPod Shuffle. 🙂

How about you?

*Photos are taken from the Apple website.