I rarely go for DIYs. Not that I don’t like it. In fact, I like watching or reading about DIY projects. I just don’t have the patience. Hehe! But of course, there’s always an exception. A few weeks ago, my schoolmates held our Christmas/ New Year’s party at our house. We usually have our Christmas get-together in a restaurant since it’s less hassle. Nobody needs to prepare whatever, just a text blast to everyone to inform the date, time and location. Hassle-free it is! Haha! But we tried something new this time and thought of going for a house party. We made sure it would be special and memorable since our reunion only happens once a year. We had our food catered, prepared games, and even prizes. But we thought there should at least be something that everyone can take home as a souvenir- and so we thought of having a photo booth. Since renting out a photo booth is just added cost and usually has a time limit, we just made our own. DIY time baby! 😀

  • Since our theme has something to do with “new and sparkly” to welcome the brand new year, I used gold foil. I cut it into uneven strips, leaving 2-3 inches on one end for hanging.


  • I used a silver foil behind it to cover the door. I just used a heavy-duty double sided tape to keep the foil in place.
  • We printed out our college photos and made it like “decors” for our backdrop. Well, it would have been better if there were more photos. Sorry as we only had an hour to prepare all these! Haha!


  • As props, we also have shiny glittery hats and DIY resolution boards, as seen below.


  • And our souvenir? Instax photos! Well of course, a portable photo printer could also work. But who doesn’t love Instax films?! Everyone just couldn’t stop taking photos! 😀 Hello Kitty was quite busy that night! LOL! 😀


Here are just a few photos during the party.


And here’s a video, which I also uploaded on my Instagram account (@lush_angel)… Yes, our DIY photo booth was used and abused. Haha!

Very easy right?! Haha! No need to rent a photo booth! 😀

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