For those who know me, they are aware that I’m one of the self-confessed bagaholics. I haven’t presented my collection here though. If I get the chance to take a picture of them, I will share my babies with you guys right away. 🙂 But don’t get me wrong, I still have a long, long way to go when it comes to designer bags. I only have a few but still counting… Will this obsession end? I don’t know. I hope it does because it’s getting too addictive and my pocket already hurts. Hahaha! 🙂

I actually did not buy all the lush-cious bags I have right now. Most of them are given by my mom and her sister because they were once called bagaholics too! In fact, all their designer bags are just stuck in their cabinets and most of them are now lost. Some were even given away! Imagine, giving away a Chanel bag??! Are they out of their minds??! Argh! But I’m still somehow lucky to salvage some of their bags, which I will be sharing next time. But right now, there’s more important news than those that I have now… I’m going to have a new baby… moi own CHANEL!!! 


Fashion Juice ordered it for me the other day. She told me the news this morning that the bag already arrived. I wanted to jump for joy here in the office! Good thing I controlled myself… There is just one tiny thing I can’t control … my laughter!!! Bwahahaha! I kept on smiling and laughing alone in front of my PC.  And take note, there is a camera near my workstation. I wonder what the guard was saying when I was laughing all to myself! Anyways, enough of the talkies! I’d like to present to you my new Chanel…

 Chanel bag


Okay, I’ll keep you guys hanging there. I don’t have it yet! It’s still in the U.S. so I still have to wait for about two more weeks for my bag, oh I mean Arthur, to arrive. Arthur, go home now! I can’t wait any longer… for my bag… okay, I mean you! LOL! When I already have my bag on hand, I will really open that dust bag and introduce to you my new baby. 🙂


Thanks Fashion Juice! 🙂 I know you share the same joy and excitement I feel right now. Same feeling whenever you have new purchase, as if it’s my own! Hahaha! Thanks dear! 🙂