Don’t you just love being a girl? Women’s fashion isn’t boring. It’s easy to brighten up the day with a swipe of a lipstick. Experimenting with the hair is never ending. Bad skin can always be concealed with foundation and concealer. But when the monthly visitor comes, most of us hate being a girl.


Why? Most girls find it a hassle. They become very conscious whenever they have their period. When it comes to fashion, they don’t really get to wear what they want. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look at your best during your period. Here are some fashion tips on what you can wear during your period.

If you experience bloating days before your monthly visitor, you can always wear high-waisted bottoms or flowy tops.

high-waisted-pants styling-loose-top

You can also go for a loose dress to hide any bulge.


If you feel like wearing white but you’re fear of period stains, you can always throw in a long cover up, like a vest or a cardigan.


You can even tie a colored long sleeves or jacket around your waist, while it’s on trend.

But of course, if you’re wearing the right pad, wearing white wouldn’t be a problem. Even if you feel any sudden gush, you wouldn’t feel uneasy.


Having our period shouldn’t stop us from wearing or doing what we want. Stains would be least of our worries if we are using the correct pad, like Modess All Night pad for heavy flow days and a Maxi pad for other days.

So, next time you get your period, fear not! It’s fun being a girl!


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