So okay, it has been more than a week now since my last purchase. And as I promised, I will open the dust bag as soon as my new baby arrives. But it seems like years of waiting already. Oh, I’m getting impatient! Hahaha! Seems like Arthur is really having fun in the States that he had to extend. Hehehe! But really, I wanna thank fashion juice and her hubby (Arthur’s brother) for making this one of his best vacations ever! He actually told me he has been enjoying his stay there and I honestly think it made him realize he wants to live there! Oh, gosh!

Anyways, going back… I just can’t wait any longer. Just imagine thinking of the bag almost every night before I sleep! Come to think of it, probably the entire day since I already made it as my wallpaper! Shocks! Am I becoming a freak?! Well, now I think I have to let this feeling out of my system… I need to share with my fellow bagaholics my newest baby…

 Chanel PST  Chanel PST

It is a Chanel Petite Shopping Tote, or PST for short. I feel like I am in heaven right now! Actually, when fashion juice told me that my bag already arrived, I wanna faint!!! Again, thank you, thank you, dear! I’m head over heels in love with it!!!

Okay, initially this is not what I really, really like. I’ve been eyeing for the Grand Shopping Tote or GST for sooo long and fashion juice, my fellow bagaholic, can attest to that. Hahaha! But anyways, with the huge price difference, I finally decided to go for the PST. At least, I’m now price conscious. Finally! LOL! 🙂 Actually, I have a reason for letting go of the GST… at least, I’m now ready to buy a new flap bag! Hahaha! Oh, I hope Arthur is not reading this, or else he will kill me! LOL! And after I read several forums about PST and GST, I think the smaller bag won’t be bad after all. It is actually perfect for smaller frames like me. I know I’m one of those who love oversized bags but I actually don’t put a lot of stuff inside a designer bag. I always have several bags I leave inside the car to fit all my things. Hahaha! Well, there is only one way to know if the PST looks great on me… that is to wait for Arthur to arrive!!! And to my loyal readers, don’t worry. I will surely update all of you if I finally get a hold of my gorgeous bag! ‘Til next week… hopefully! 🙂