If I have a list of gifts for girls, of course I have something for guys too! So girls out there, worry no more. I will try to be an angel to you by giving you some gift suggestions this coming season or for whatever special occasion you guys are going to celebrate. 🙂

  • Cars. Well of course, I don’t mean the real car. I meant car accessories. Most guys love to pimp their ride. You can choose anything that can upgrade his sound system, or the exterior look of his car like mags, or better yet listen to what he plans to do with his car. You can get ideas from there.


  • Clothing and other accessories. Who said guys don’t like these things? They always want to look good for us, right? Okay, most of them… Hehehe! But in any case, give them something they can really use. Or maybe, this is your chance to change his wardrobe if you feel like it. For his accessories, choose something he needs like necktie, cufflings, or cap.


  • Wallet, Bag, or Casing. You know, guys have so many stuffs too. They also need to be organized. If they are one of those who have the habit of putting their wallets at the back pockets of their pants, I bet it now needs replacement! You can also try looking for a bag or an organizer to put on whatever things they have, which they always leave inside the car. Casing for their gadgets can also be an option for you.


  • Gadgets. If you are feeling generous, buy him the gadget he has been eyeing for months now. It can be a camera, MP3 player, PSP, PDA, or cellphone. If he is one of those guys who love to play video games, get him a game console like PlayStation 3, Xbox, or Nintendo Wii.


  • Out-of-Town or Out-of-the-Country Trip. You can also schedule an out of town/ out of the country trip to have quality time with him. Reserve hotels or inns early since usually they are fully booked during special occasions. Create an itinerary for the both of you to make your trip memorable. You wouldn’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere, unless both of you are looking for adventure.


  • Collector’s Item. Some guys love collecting things. If we love shoes and bags, some of them collect comics, action figures, miniature cars, alcohol bottles, etc. If your guy is still diligent collecting these kinds of stuff, then help him! 🙂


  • Spa. Everyone likes to relax once in a while. You can give gift certificates in a fancy and relaxing place.


  • Jewelries. Yes, guys also wear them. You can opt for a watch, necklace or bracelet. There are various brands of watches to choose from like Nike, Toy Watch, Technomarine, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. And for other jewelries, you can also check on Charriol and Cartier. You just have to set on your budget first.


  • DVDs and CDs. A number of guys out there like to collect DVDs and CDs. If you are really having a hard time thinking of what to give, this could also be an option.


  • Scrap book or Video presentation. Okay, guys also have their soft side. If you are out on a budget these days, go to the mushy avenue. Believe me, they can also appreciate these things. Nothing compares to hard work! Time to bring out those creative juices! By the way, when I say video presentation, I do not mean something scandalous!!! That is a NO, NO!!!

In choosing the right gift for your guy, always think of what he is into. “He already has everything” is NEVER an excuse. There will always be something he needs or likes. This is why it is very important to listen to whatever he says. It is in small conversations where you can get the answer! *wink*