Christmas is about to come but guys, guys, guys have you thought of a present for your girlfriend, fiancé or wife??? “It is hard to look for a gift for a girl.” This is what I usually hear from guys. So to whom do they usually run to? Their girl friends! Well now, ask no more! If your girl loves the lush-cious lifestyle like me, my top 10 suggestions below will surely make her smile. 🙂

  • Bags. Don’t worry, I do not mean a designer bag. You do not have to spend a lot just to please her. A stylish bag will do. But of course, designer bags won’t hurt too! Hahaha! Just make sure she is your wife already before giving away luxurious stuff, unless you are super, super rich and you wanna give away your money. Well, I just don’t think it is proper to accept too expensive gifts from a boyfriend. Just an opinion. *wink* By the way, if you are not sure of what style to buy, maybe your common friends can help. 🙂


  • Watch. Want something to remind you all the time? Then time can literally make her remember you. There are numerous choices out there. But if she is like me who loves big watches, you can choose from Toy Watch, Technomarine, Philip Stein, D&G and Tag Heuer. If you are feeling generous, I mean really, really generous, there is Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Omega and Rolex.


  • Jewelry. You can choose from necklace, bracelet or bangle and ring. Of course, with or without diamonds will make her smile… or probably cry because of happiness. Observe what your girl loves wearing, whether yellow or white gold. If you prefer to buy from a designer brand, then you can look at Tiffany and Co., Charriol, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and the likes.


  • Clothing or any accessories. Well, is there any girl who doesn’t want to look good??? And I suppose, you also want her to be beautiful all the time. Then, add something to her collection of clothes or other fashion accessories. It may be a top, skirt, trouser, scarf, cap, eyewear, belt, etc. But remember, please be fashionable in your choices too. Hehehe!


  • Car accessories. Who said cars are only for guys? There are a number of chicks out there who loves these big toys, just like me. Although, this may cost you also (as if those above won’t!). And since most guys love cars, isn’t it enjoying to shop for what you also like? BUT, just make sure she really likes to pimp her ride! Your gift will be greatly appreciated when you give her something she is into.


  • Spa. Having a spa treatment is definitely gratifying. Give her gift certificates so she can choose whatever time she wants to relax. Usually, gift certificates are good for a year. Also, if you want to accompany her, consider first if she actually wants company while relaxing before going with her.


  • Out-of-town Trip. If you want to spend time and enjoy with your love one alone or with friends, out-of-town trips never go wrong. You can do a day trip or a sleepover. You can go to the beach, on a food trip, sight seeing, or just a road trip.


  • Flowers and Chocolates. Go with the tradition. Well of course, you have to make sure if she likes these kinds of things. Remember, not all girls fall head over heels with such mushy stuff—just like me. But most of the time, it works!


  • Dinner date. Treat her on a date. It may be in a hotel, in a fine dining restaurant, or in other places you do not usually go to. Make it special. Special occasions happen only once in a while.


  • Card. Okay, not everyone has something to spend. But believe it or not, a simple card or a letter will make her cry out of joy. Not all men do this. Trying to be this sweet will make you one in a million. By the way, do not forget to seal it with a kiss. 🙂


At the end of the day, whether it be Christmas or whatever occasion it may be, bare in mind that material things is not everything. Yes, I love the lush-cious life but there are more important things in this world. L-O-V-E! Showing love and affection to your girl is more than enough to make her heart melt. Material things are just added “incentives”. *wink*