Yay! 😀 I can’t believe I’m heading to Japan today! Am I dreaming?! Oh dear, it’s for real!!! 😀 I have always wanted to go to Japan, making this trip a dream come true for me. 🙂 Tokyo is one of the world’s most expensive cities, so traveling there using my own moolah is already out of the question. LOL! I just can’t afford that! God knows how long I’ve been bugging my mom about this trip. She never agreed due to one reason- She has been there already. As much as possible, she refrains from repeating her travels, especially when we’re talking about the really pricey ones. Well, thinking about it, she has a point. Instead of spending the money in the same place over and over again, explore some other place you’ve never been. Then if you’ve already traveled around the world, that’s the time to go back to the places you’ve missed or where you left your heart. Just like me, I left half of my heart in Paris and the other half in London (reason why I’m left with no heart… LOL!)! That’s why I already promised myself of going back to these places with my future hubby. Hehe! 😀

Anyhoo, I need to go now. I haven’t finished packing my stuff. I’m sure it would be another cold vacation! Forecast says- high around 9 deg Celsius and low around 1 deg Celsius. Ugh! If it’s cold in Tokyo, what more in Mt. Fuji! God help us! LOL! Oh, and since I love you all, my dear readers, I’ve prepared some scheduled posts while I’m away. 😉 Keep on coming back! 😀

Lush Angel