I’m sure most of you still have the Christmas hangover. The great news- we do not have classes/ work until January 2, 2009! But this ultimate long vacation is only good here in the Philippines. Oh wait, let me take that back… I don’t think it is great news at all, especially for those running a business. The vacation is too long! But anyways, we can’t do anything about it anymore. The government has declared it already so we just need to enjoy it. So what better way to enjoy a long vacation??? An out-of-town/ out-of-country trip! Wait, I am feeling depress again after saying that!!! I need to rant here… I’m sorry! I was supposed to go to Hong Kong and Macau for this long vacation BUT I can’t get any flights anymore!!! What a bummer! Then my mom decided to just get a flight to Malaysia and stay there for 5 days, again a big BUT, all prices of tour packages are sooo high already. Well, that is expected! Everyone wants to go on vacation and we just started to look for flights a week ago. Oh well, I have to stop feeling depress here! Christmas has just ended and the mood should still be happy/ jolly right?!

Anyways, going back to my real topic… I’m sorry I have to rant here. Oh and to my friends who have been requesting me to blog about my travels, I promise I will try to share with you the places I’ve been to in the future. It’s just quite hard to make a post because I know how long that post would come out. So maybe if I get the luxury of time! Anyway, let me just share here the two happiest people I’ve seen this Christmas! My parents! Well, I don’t exactly know if they are actually happy and excited with our gift or is it just us?! Hahaha! 🙂 Well, me, my brother and my sister decided to give them this…

nintendo wii nintendo wii fit

Yup! Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit!!! 🙂 So why did we decide to give them Wii? Well, so they won’t have any excuse not to exercise anymore! Going to the gym has always been a problem to them. They always say that they don’t have time so their gym memberships end up wasted. Now, excuses are not accepted anymore! LOL! All they have to do is turn on their television and the Wii, and off they could go to exercise. Hahaha! Great idea, isn’t it? So if you are thinking of a gift for your parents in future occasions, Wii and Wii Fit can be the answer! It’s quite pricey, but why not return the gratitude to your parents from time to time??? I know nothing can ever repay them for everything they have done for us but even in such little ways matter. 🙂

So, if we really won’t be going anywhere this coming week, looks like I’ll be busy with something else. 🙂