Xin Nian Kuai Le! Kung Hei Fat Choi! I’m pretty sure most of us would like to know what’s in store for us this year. Marites Allen, a feng shui expert, shares with us some predictions for the Year of the Ox. Of course, these Chinese horoscopes should not dictate our way of life. I’m not saying these will actually happen. Well, sometimes it’s just nice to know what we can possibly expect for the year. Hahaha! Try to check your animal year below. Good luck and happy year of the Ox! 🙂

Source: GMA News Website

The rat is graceful and thrives on praise. This social animal could be in for a difficult year. Romance may have to be put on the back burner for now in favor of a more work-centered mindset.

The ox may be quiet, but this natural leader is not easily swayed, and may even be ruthless when it comes to getting his or her way. The upcoming year will be stressful, with relationship problems emerging. People with ox spouses should understand that the ox will be particularly hot-headed this year.

The tiger is impulsive, thrill-seeking and passionate. He or she is also energetic, gutsy and exudes confidence. The year of the ox will be a mixed year. The tiger should be on alert for litigation and gossip. He or she will spend this year hard at work in preparation now and will be reaping the benefits the next lunar year.

Rabbits are tactful, diplomatic, optimistic and eager to please. Money will flow in and out easily this year. Hard work and determination will be needed to combat work and financial setbacks. The rabbit’s love life, however, will be peppered with good humor.

Captive and vibrant, the dragon is said to have a good head for business and bring luck to their families. This year will be excellent for them in terms of wealth and relationships, but they have to watch out for parties who tend to get jealous of their effortless success.

The snake is dignified, well mannered and irresistible to the opposite sex. This year will be a good year to start something new. Wealth will come easily this year, though one must watch out for minor health problems.

The horse is energetic and often restless. The year will bring mixed results for one’s wealth and career. It will, however, be good for one’s education and relationships.

The sheep is a dreamy character that can be manipulative. They have to be extra careful this year.

The monkey is witty, chatty and always has strong opinions. This year will be an excellent year for the monkey in all aspects of his or her life, from work to love to wealth and finance.

Resourceful and practical, the rooster is up for a good year. There will be opportunities at work that will lead him or her to either a promotion or a business expansion.

The dog is playful and sporty, but can be pessimistic at times. They will be glad to know that the year promises an increase in their wealth. They must, however, remember to keep their cool as they may tend to get particularly hotheaded this year.

The boar is compassionate, affectionate and unusually popular with friends. He or she must avoid going out at night, as the boar’s spiritual vitality will be at an all-time low.