Yes, for once, at least I am politically aware! Even if I live here in the other side of the world, I totally care. Who doesn’t? Everyone does! The whole world does… Okay, at least I speak for those who are concerned of the current situation and the future.

Anyway, for those who do not know the news yet, Barack Obama is the U.S. presidential election winner! A big round of applause to him!!! But of course a lot of pressure is in his hands now. There are definitely great expectations from the new U.S. president. What will be his next steps? What can he do to boost the economy of the United States? With Barack as the U.S. presidential election winner, what will the country’s future look like? But why should the whole world watch for these things? Well, with the improvement of their economy comes the hope that all other countries affected will also recover… soon! Therefore, a lot of good luck to you Sir and hoping for a brighter future for America and the rest of the world!