Happy 30th Anniversary, Kipling!


Kipling Journey

The Kipling Journey started in 1987 by Paul Van De Velde, Vincent Haverbeke and Xavier Kegels. The brand name came from the author Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and the movie Out of Africa, that perfectly represented the fun and adventure associated with the spirit of the brand. To ensure that a playful spirit always shone through, the loveable furry monkey figure that accompanies each Kipling piece was born. Do you know that each season up to 80 unique monkeys in different colours are released, and each collection has its very own unique monkey named after a Kipling employee somewhere in the world, making each one a covetable collectible? Interesting, huh?!

The crinkled nylon was created in the same year. It was a happy accident that during the dying process the materials overheated, leaving the nylon used in their design crinkled. Deciding to embrace the error, this textural effect has become a signature of Kipling’s handbag designs and has been used in the functional and durable bags ever since.


In thirty years, Kipling has arguably become Belgium’s most successful fashion export. In the last decade alone it has collaborated on special collections with young designers from around the world. The brand continues to innovate and produce functional accessories that are of a high quality yet modern and fun.

Kipling Spring 2017 Collection

A few days ago, I had the chance to drop by its newest store at Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City to check out its latest Spring 2017 collection.


Kipling has the City Pack, which is the ideal bag for enjoying a free day in the city. It’s spacious, lighweight, and has easy to reach pockets.



There’s also the Amiel bag, which can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. I love bags like this for my travels!!!


I spotted bags perfect for the office too — more formal, yet still lightweight.





Art M, which was first conceived in 1988, is part of the Spring 2017 collection. The versatile bag features a range of pockets as well as zippers so that it can be changed from a rectangular-shaped bag into a triangular-shaped one, and with no lining it can fold easily into other luggage.


And the good news? The Dream Garden bright floral and leafy print is exclusively for the Asian market and for the 30th anniversary. It also offers a free 30th Year Monkey in Pink Frost until the 30th of May only. Moreover, you can enjoy a 30% discount every 30th of the month until May 30 only.


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