When I used to be part of the corporate world and I had my own landline, my phone starts to ring by 9am. The calls never end – 11am, 12nn, 3pm, and so on… until I leave the office. And guess what? 10% of the time, it is work-related and the 90% is my mom asking random stuff or telling stories.

Fast forward to today, 5 missed calls, 10 text messages – These notifications are what I usually see by the end of my day. And guess what?! They are all from one person – my mom.


My friends know how ‘intense’ she could be. Her usual calls or messages are “Where are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Who are you with?”, “What time did you go home?”, “Why are you not answering?”, and the questions just never end. I admit, I would always describe her as “makulit” until I saw this video…

Some of you might have seen this or some might think it’s just an ad, but it hit me so so hard!

Basically, my life everyday is like the girl on the video – or more of, EXACTLY like her. (Mom, are you the scriptwriter of this???) My usual day: leave my pad in the morning, work, go from one place to another, attend meetings, and let’s not forget the stressful traffic I go through every time! Basically, I hustle the whole day and get home dead tired, while mom constantly sends me messages and calls me in between. The only time I get to reply to my mom is when I get home — sometimes not even. So when I watched the video, it was like a slap in the face! Gaaah… seriously, I felt like Smart made that video for me. Yup, someone’s guilty!!! It left me teary-eyed. Ugh, you got me there, Smart!

So there, I’m taking a break from my usual beauty and fashion posts today because I was inspired to dedicate this post to mom. This serves as a reminder to myself to make #TimeForMom. While she’s still here, I should show my appreciation and love for her. While I still can, I should spend more #TimeForMom. I know words are not enough, but THANK YOU!!! Thank you for always trying. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Now I realized that your being ‘makulit’ is your way to show how much you miss me. That being said, I should end this post as I’ve decided to stay at our house over the weekend. Thanks Smart for the reminder!


Oh and to all of you out there, let’s spend time with our mom not just because it’s Mother’s Day. They always think of us. It’s about time we think about them #LikeNeverBefore. If we can’t be with them physically, we can always make time by calling or sending them text messages. Thanks to technology — thanks Smart for keeping us connected. Let’s make everyday Mother’s Day, shall we?

I love you, Mom! ūüôā

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