Don’t you just miss going back to school sometimes? Well, I do! 😀 I miss studying, the free cuts, the long breaks, going to school like a zombie because of a night out or a project, cutting classes to watch a basketball game or a movie, and the list just goes on and on. Wow, I’m getting sentimental right now. Haha! Before I start getting dramatic here, so what’s the connection of my college days with my outfit post? Well, it’s just that I thought of wearing something hip that made me feel so young last Sunday. 🙂 Here it is…


It’s nothing really special. It’s one of those days I felt so lazy. It’s probably more of the sneakers and denim shorts with suspenders that made me look so young. Okay, that’s a “feeling” statement! LOL! 😀 Make it, “feel young” instead of “look young”. Haha! 😀 We don’t used to have those dress requirements in school. Anything goes- shorts, skirts, tank tops, etc. (except for our Management subjects) so wearing shorts is the most comfy outfit in a non-air conditioned classroom. Hehe! This outfit suddenly reminded me of my college days. 😀

Oh, and don’t I look geeky with my glasses? LOL! 😀 I haven’t worn this for ages. Probably the reason why my astigmatism never got corrected. Eye glasses don’t fit me! My mom even asked me to remove it when I met her that day. LOL! 😀 I just thought of wearing it again since it fits my “going-to-school” mode.


stolen shot!



On Lush Angel: plaid top from London; white tank top from Bangkok; Papaya denim shorts w/ suspenders; Ed Hardy sneakers; H&M bangles; Balenciaga Giant City GH in Pomegranate; TechnoMarine pearl-faced chrono watch; Eiffel tower necklace from Bangkok; SM department store silver necklace