Oilily, a dutch fashion house popular among kids and ladies, is finally here in the Philippines!

For those who are not aware, Oilily was founded back in 1963, a period when children were dressed as grown ups- wearing grey, white and black. A total opposite from what we see kids wear these days. And so, Oilily was born. They came out with colorful, vibrant and playful style of children’s wear. Its success led to the creation of the women’s wear collection in the ’80s. Women across Asia, Far East, United States and Europe embraced the imaginative designs, the high quality materials, and the unusual colour combinations of Oilily.


I had the chance to visit Oilily in Alabang Town Center. From the outside, you can already feel the fun vibe that the brand live up to. Oilily here in the Philippines carries accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, and of course, the fashion bags. These bags are accessories-centered, a trend setter that dictates its own niche market. It is a unique concept that captures the trademark style of colorful prints on polyester fabric with creative and innovative designs. The bags are classic, chic and functional.

Let me give a quick tour of Oilily’s Fall Winter 2013 collection, which would takes us on an odyssey through style and flair. This eventful journey will see us encountering beautiful forms that fuse fashion, femininity and function. Each group combines Oilily’s distinctive designs and prints with an eye-catching color palette, sturdy fabrics, and fine detailing.

Here are the cutesy bags for the kids. The bags on the left has the Oilily Celebration print to commemorate their 50th anniversary. It’s a mix of emblems, quirky photos in intricate frames, flowers, and rosettes. On the right is Oilily’s Expedition Boys collection which features cars, planes and hot-air balloons flying over mountains and buildings.


My nephew who loves cars would definitely want this!!! 😀


How about getting you baby girl a doll bag? 🙂


Oilily Celebration print


Now, for the women’s handbags, there are A LOT to choose from- colors, designs and styles! They can easily bring a playful vibe to any look.


Sea of Flowers group features an Art Deco- inspired floral motif that blossoms on backed twill silhouettes in colors of cayenne, rock, deep ocean and bronze.


This is such a pretty body bag, don’t you think?! One of my faves! 😀


Here are more fun and bold fashion bags…


If you’re looking for a canvas bag, they also have a few in this print…

Now, if you’re into printed leather bags, then you have to check out the Vintage Flower group. It comes in different elegant styles.


They even have this leather overnight bag, which looks so chic! 😀 Another must on my list! 😀


Wallets shouldn’t be boring!


Since gadgets are now part of our everyday lives, they must be dressed up too! Oilily has cases for laptops, iPads, and even cellphones.


And because I’m also a makeup lover, I went home with this very pretty cosmetic case. It’s spacious enough, perfect for travel or whenever I need to tote along my makeup in the car.



Now, I can easily bring along my essentials. It has compartments too to easily organize my products. It even has brush holders on the sides, where I can also insert bottles or tubes that might spill.



Oilily’s unique designs and colors are so refreshing to the eyes! They can really bring that fun vibe in an instant. 😀 So, what’s your favorite? 😉

Thank you to Oilily Philippines for the invite.

Check out more of Oilily products at the Ground Floor of  Alabang Town Center and at Greenbelt 3. LIKE Oilily Philippines on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oililyph too.

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