There are days when we want to cross the border between office and casual wear. Trust me, I totally understand. Well, who wouldn’t want to dress comfortably if you know you’ll be sitting on your office chair for 8 hours? This doesn’t mean you can look sloppy though. Here’s a suggested simple look.


First, trousers. Pick a nice-fitting pair with stretchy fabric, almost like leggings but with thicker material, for utmost comfort. Oh, and of course, black is the safest color for a more “formal” vibe.


Next, top. Loose and stylish. Choose something roomy to keep you comfortable all throughout the day. A crisp white button down long sleeves is a classic but can still feel a bit too much sometimes on stressful days. But of course, the loose top has to be stylish. Look for interesting details.


I found this top in a random mall in Tokyo. It has uneven bottom, which can be tied, as seen above or just wear it as is. The back part also has suede fabric, making me fall in love with it even more.


Lastly, footwear. For days you just want to rest, go for leather flats. A pointed pair is a plus too! I got this from Yosi Samra’s previous season. Oh, and speaking of Yosi Samra, I have good news in my next post!!! Wait for it… 😉




Oh, and for my accessories, I opted for something simple and classy. Rose gold watch is always a good idea, don’t you think?



There you go! For those days you just want to cross the border, I hope this helps! Office wear shouldn’t have that “uptight” feel all the time. Keep calm and be comfortable!



Top: bought in Japan
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Yosi Samra
Watch: Henry London

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