During the Rajo! for Parisian launch, I was able to get this “Oriental Heels”. Well, this pair is really named “Midori”, but I still want to call it my “Oriental Heels”. Okay, I’m stubborn! LOL! Why?


Simply because it’s my first (i think) oriental-looking pair- from the print, to the color, to the fabric, to the design!!! Don’t you agree??? 😀 Well, it’s not surprising since Japan is Rajo Laurel’s inspiration for this collection.


loving the brocade fabric… 😀


And check out the ankle strap… It has kimono-style lock. Cute! 😀


I was intimidated by the heels at first. I was surprised how comfortable it is when I first tried it! Thanks to its platform in front I can stand wearing this pair even for long hours! 😀


Midori PHP 2,199.75

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