If I would choose 10 basic fashion pieces from my wardrobe to create various looks, what would it be?


  1.  LBD (Little Black Dress)
  2. Blazer
  3. Long sleeves
  4. Chinos
  5. Plain sleeveless blouse
  6. Rubber shoes
  7. Dressy flats
  8. Classic flats
  9. Heels
  10. Purse

These days, I’m actually after comfort, which explains my choices like dress, chinos, rubber shoes, and flats. First of all, I consider the LBD a must-have in every girl’s closet since it’s a versatile piece. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. Styling is the key. As you’ll see below, I just love to play around with my shoes to dress up or dress down my LBD. To add a little pop of color to my staples, I chose a pastel blue sleeveless top for my lazy day and office wear. As for my purse, I decided to stick to one that can be carried around in different ways.

With my fashion staples, check out how I styled them for office OOTD, lazy day fashion, date night, street style, and day-to-night look.

Office OOTD


For office wear, I wanted something comfortable, and at the same time, elegant. I paired my khaki pants with a dressy sleeveless top. The blazer makes the look more formal since I opted to wear a classic pair of ballet flats. For days that I need to be on my desk most of the time, I love to wear flats. But of course, for presentations and meetings, it’s a must to power dress. For such instances, I would slip on my heels.



Lazy Day


For this lazy day look, I used the same office outfit sans the blazer. For a more relaxed vibe, I folded the bottom part of the trousers and paired it with rubber shoes.


Date Night


As they say, when else fails, LBD can save the day (or night). Since I feel it’s a little too short, I used my blazer as cover-up. To add character, I went for statement heels instead of the usual black or nude.




Street Style


To dress down an LBD, I tied a denim long sleeves around my waist and wore rubber shoes.



Day-to-Night Look


For those times I need to run errands during the day then go on a night out, I still go for my LBD. Since the dress can be a little too short, I used my denim long sleeves as cover-up. The rolled up sleeves make it more laid back. At night, I can easily remove the cover-up to instantly dress up the look. And since it’s not really practical to be running around in heels during the day, I chose to wear a pair of dressy flats, which I think is perfect for both day and night.


Different looks do not mean you need totally different sets of clothes. You can always work around with your staples by mixing and matching them. If you also noticed, I opted to skip colored nail polish to easily match any outfit. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who takes into consideration the color of the nails when picking clothes to wear. This makes bare nails part of my staples, which is why it is also important to take good care of our nails. How?

Well, aside from my usual nail cleaning, I recently discovered Locycare. It’s a nail care gel applied every day to improve dull, dry, or discolored nails. It also hydrates the nails, making them stronger and healthy-looking. With it, you’ll never be afraid to #BareThoseNails to complete any casual chic look.


How about you? What are your fashion staples? Comment away!

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