When I was a kid, I thought I had a bad habit of scratching my eyes before I go to sleep and when I wake up. Yes, I thought it was just my “habit” when I feel sleepy until my mom gave me an air purifier in my room. I noticed my eyes don’t get irritated and I don’t sneeze every morning anymore. It was only then I realized that those are actually signs of allergies. This is why when I got an invite from Keywest Internationale, the distributor of Crane USA Humidifier and Air Purifier here in the Philippines, I had to go. I learned the importance of an air purifier the hard way. Now, it’s time to share with everyone the importance of air-improvers.

First of all what are the differences of air purifier and humidifier?

Air Purifier

  • Helps remove airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke that can cause allergies
  • Neutralizes harmful fumes and common household odors from tobacco, pets, garbage, and cooking
  • Germicidal UV light targets viruses and bacteria


  • Loosen nasal congestion
  • Ease dry coughs
  • Soothe itchy dry eyes and skin
  • Prevent nose bleeds
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Beauty tip: Humidifiers moisturize the skin while we sleep


Who is Crane USA?

Crane USA was founded in 2005 on the belief that design is an attitude and the home is a personal expression of an individual’s lifestyle. The brand follows the mantra “design for better living”. Their products are not just functional and efficient in controlling indoor air pollutants and improving air quality. The designs are also adorable and elegant. Forget about those boring boxy machines!


Crane Air Purifier (PHP 4,499.75), which currently comes in Penguin and Shark designs, has 5 level filtration system to deliver germ free, fresh air. It has true HEPA filter that captures up to 99.97% of airborne dust and pollen. The filter (PHP 999.75) is easy to change. It has 3-speed control with low noise setting for continuous, quiet operation.

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (PHP 2,799.75 – PHP 3,499.75) does not require a filter and can hold 1 gallon tank, which runs up to 24 hours. It’s also easy to clean. With all these cute designs, I’m quite sure the kids would love them too.


Crane Travel Humidifier (PHP 1,899) is perfect for those who love to travel.


There’s also a Digital Humidifier (PHP 6,099.75), which can release warm or cool mist. It has 4.9 liter tank and LED screen with digital humidity display. It comes with a remote control and can automatically control humidity. It also has ionizer function.


Now for the minimalist, Crane has Drop Shape design (PHP 2,99.75 – PHP 3,499.75).


I chose the grey drop shape humidifier since I think it fits perfectly in my place. Here it is…


So, what do you think? 😉


I’m now looking forward to have better sleep!

For more information, visit Crane Philippines on Facebook and Instagram (@Crane_PH)
Crane is available in S&R, Rustan’s, Toys R Us, Babyland, Lazada and www.keywestinternationale.com

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