Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a celebrity or a commercial model? A few weeks ago, I, together with David and Nuffnang friends, visited the B’lue booth at Glorietta. We were invited to take part in their fun-filled activity, that is to make our own tv commercial. Who am I to say no that?


Honestly, despite the early call time and long hours (most of the time), to smile and act (okay, not full blown acting, please) in front of the camera is something I really love to do. Haha! But it’s not what I dreamed of when I was a kid since I used to be very shy. In my case, it all happened by chance and since then, I loved it. So when our friends from Nuffnang invited me to take part of this activity, I was wondering how B’lue could execute it in a booth inside a mall!

As I was walking towards the booth, I could already see the huge lights from a distance. I could even hear a girl directing someone while playing a background music. I already knew that somebody was making his own tv commercial. It really is like a studio set-up with a full production – camera man, creative director, screaming fans, and even an interview after the shoot!


David and I decided to do our commercial together. The director asked as to do our “fashion walk” and strike different poses with our favorite B’lue water plus flavor. As for me, that would be Calamansi.

When I first had the chance to try out all the flavors of B’lue at our UST campus visit (check out my post about it HERE), I immediately loved Calamansi. Well for one, it’s one of my favorite juice drinks. And surprisingly, it’s not just a hint of Calamansi flavor in water. It really does taste Calamansi, without being too sour or too sweet, making it a refreshing drink. It’s not the kind of drink that I would just crave for from time to time. I could drink it alone, with meals, during hikes – practically anytime, anywhere, which is why I like it. Anyway, here are some photos during the activity.





And right after the shoot, there were “reporters” and “fans” waiting for us for an interview. With the energy that we all had, it’s undeniable that we were all #FullyAliveWithBlue! Seriously, David and I couldn’t stop laughing (and dancing). We both felt like we were celebrities with screaming “fans” in the background. Hehe!


The whole experience was fun and exciting! It was really a glimpse into the life of models and celebrities. Congratulations to the B’lue theam for a great production and execution! So next time you see a B’lue booth wherever you are, try it out because they always have something new in store for us!


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