If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (lush_angel), you’ve probably seen my photos and videos in UST. It was actually my first time inside the campus. I’ve always wanted to go because (in case you still haven’t noticed) I have a thing with beautiful architectures. Obviously, I was really excited. But aside from taking photos around the campus, my agenda was to check out what B’lue has prepared for all the UST students.

For those who are not so familiar with B’lue, it’s actually a new refreshing lifestyle drink designed for us. It comes in 3 fruity flavors: Orange, Lychee and Calamansi.


My first stop: The B’lue Bench. The moment we arrived at the activity area, I, together with our Nuffnang friends, couldn’t help but notice the live voice prompt coming from the B’lue Bench area. At first we were trying to figure out where the voices were coming from since they were talking to us. We ended up sitting while the “bench” talked to us. Sounds creepy, but it was fun! Haha!


A chit-chat wouldn’t be that entertaining, without some refreshments. The bench we seated on is actually weight-activated, wherein 3 people are required to sit at a time to open a hatch with 3 bottles of B’lue! How cool is that?!


My next stop was the B’lue Campus Billboard. This area has free wi-fi access (yes, we all love that!) and board panels around. Everyone who posted about the B’lue Campus Billboard area tagging 2 friends on Twitter or Instagram got free bottles of B’lue! All posts with the hashtag #USTFullyAliveWithBlue were shown on the live feed too. Of course, I didn’t leave without my doodle on one of the panels.


Last stop is the B’lue Vendo! Oh, if only all our vendos are like B’lue’s… why? Well, the currency used are selfies and groufies! We just had to snap a photo with the vendo. Once posted on Twitter or Instagram, the interactive vendo prompts a message confirming the post and a bottle of B’lue comes out. Yup, that easy!


It was indeed a FULLY ALIVE afternoon at UST with B’lue! The next time B’lue visits your campus, make sure to drop by their activation. I tell you, the activities are really unique and engaging. Plus, they’re especially fun when you’re with your friends. Well, I personally enjoyed the “talking bench”. The thought of I was talking to someone I couldn’t see cracked me up. It really sounds weird, but I guess you just have to experience it yourself. Haha!


Thank you to all my readers I met too. I really enjoyed! 😀 Posting one of the photos I saw online… Hehe!


Although it was hot and humid that day, we were all refreshed with our favorite B’lue drink all throughout our stay. I love Calamansi, by the way! The first time I tried it, I was surprised. I expected it to be like other flavored water drinks, that is plain water with a hint of flavor. For me, it wasn’t just a “hint” since I could really taste the flavor of the drink. BUT it’s thirst quenching and refreshing – something we all need with our kind of weather, right?! Anyway, thanks B’lue for making my first visit at UST memorable. I’ll surely be back and snap more photos around!


To check out more photos from the B’lue school activation events, you can visit and like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrinkBluePH or check the #FullyAliveWithBlue on Facebook and Instagram.


Big thanks to Nuffies, Jel and Marga, for being with us! 😀

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