A few weeks ago, Calyxta held its first Beauty 101. It was a fun afternoon of girl talk, lavish high tea spread, and swatch fest.


What is Calyxta?

Erica Paredes, Marketing & Sales Director/ Editor in Chief, was present to welcome everyone and to give a little introduction on Calyxta.


Calyxta is the essence of inside-and-out beauty. The name Calyxta traces its roots from the Greek word Kallist?, which means “she that is most beautiful”. The name perfectly represents the aspirations of the brand – to be and be seen as one who passionately enhances beauty.

Calyxta.com is an online and mobile shopping platform that offers beauty-care products (hair care, skin care, and cosmetics) that are proven to work in beautifying women and that also provide the best value for money. Aside from being a beauty source, it’s also a beauty resource as they create and share relevant content, like product reviews, beauty and style news, trends, tutorials, etc. Plus, it has on-line FORUM that brings ‘beauty involvers’ together through a community that shares all their makeup, skin care and hair concerns, suggestions, tips and tricks.


Calyxta Beauty 101

To further Calyxta’s endeavor to share the essence of beauty inside-and-out, they held their first Calyxta Beauty 101, in partnership with Ofra Cosmetics, to bring beauty and etiquette hand-in-hand.


The bubbly Bianca Valerio hosted the intimate event. She shared her favorite shades of Ofra lipsticks and tips on what shades to wear on certain occasions.


And to be honest, I was blown away with Ofra Cosmetics’ Liquid Lipsticks, which come in a wide range of demi-matte shades. The product is housed in a simple, clear tube, giving a good view of the shade. When it comes to product’s quality, a little goes a long way! It has light, creamy texture that dries down to demi-matte. I’ll surely make a separate review on this! For now here are the swatches…

Here are the browns and nudes. My favorites here are Laguna Beach, Rio, and Americano.


from left to right: Sau Paulo, Pasadena, Laguna Beach, Rio, Laguna Beach (sorry mistakenly repeated the swatch), Bel Air, Plumas, and Americano 


Now, here are the berries, plums, and pinks…


from left to right: Venice, Panama, St. Tropez, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, and Malibu


If you’re not a fan of red lipstick, like me, you’ll love Santa Ana! It’s not so red, but still looking fierce. I can even wear it during the day!


from left to right: New Orleans, Mocha, Bondi Beach, Ultimate Red, Sunset Beach, Atlantic City, and Santa Ana


And good news! Calyxta is offering Ofra bundles (liquid lipstick + regular lipstick) at 20% off until November 30, 2015. Oh dear, you shouldn’t miss this! Ahhh… those liquid lippies are my current fave! Wait for my review, please! 😀

Bianca, being the fun girl that she is, also shared some beauty and etiquette tips that could save anybody from embarrassing situations.


  • Do you know that Lip Balm can help remove matte lipsticks? Just swipe your lip balm on top of your matte lippie and gently remove with a soft tissue.
  • You’re with a friend and suddenly, you bumped into someone who knows you (but forgot his name). Sounds familiar? We’ve all been through that, I guess. Simply introduce your friend to that person, like “This is my friend, —“, and that someone will surely (hopefully) introduce himself.
  • Always be polite and introduce yourself.
  • When handed with a business card, receive it with two hands and never put it inside your bag until you leave. If you’re in a lunch/dinner setting, lay the business card on the table and keep it close to you.
  • If caught in a group conversation that you know nothing about, just listen and ask questions.

Just imagine Bianca sharing all these and more to us. Oh I tell yah, it was sooo much fun! Thank you so much for being so game and so awesome! Haha!


Congratulations to the whole team of Calyxta!!! 😀

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