Since Valentine’s Day is just two days away, I thought of sharing a hairstyle that you can do whether you’re going out with your special someone or with your girlfriends. Of course, this isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. You can do this if you have a special occasion to attend to, like wedding, birthday, prom, or even on an ordinary day when you just want to look extra girly or dainty. 😀


Aside from sharing how I achieved this soft waves, I’m also revealing in my video how I lessened my hair fall. Just a quick background story. I first tried Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner when I went on vacation with my family. I normally use Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Since my family and I will be gone for about two weeks, my mom brought big bottles of Dove Hair Fall Rescue shampoo and conditioner for everyone to use. I was having hairfall problems then. In fact, I was already getting worried for months. I see A LOT (and I mean, “A LOT”!!!) of hair strands everywhere – shower drain, pillows, bed, floor. The first time I used Dove Hair Fall Rescue, I was really surprised. The hair strands I saw in the shower and in between the bristles of my comb lessened BIG TIME – more than half of what I usually see! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it myself that I had to ask my sister who also tried Dove Hair Fall Rescue variant for the first time. She was so amazed by the results. She even thought it was because of the weather where we were at that time. Well, apparently not since until now she uses Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner. Mom indeed knows best! 😀 It worked for all of us. I’m not saying we do not have hair fall anymore, but we saw a very noticeable difference. Also, shedding an average of 150 hair strands a day is normal. Anyway, going back to the video below, I shared another new discovery to make the hair stronger! It would be a perfect supplement to Dove Hair Fall Rescue shampoo and conditioner!

Here’s my How To Get Soft Waves Hair Tutorial, which I did for All Things Hair. Enjoy watching! 😀

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