I can’t really remember if I ever shared a What’s In My Bag post or if I did, I’m quite sure that’s years ago – and outdated! And since some of you have been requesting this post, here it is!


I normally love to tote huge bags simply because I can put in so much stuff! I like to be a girl scout – someone who’s always ready whenever I or the people I’m with need something. If I can only bring my entire house with me wherever I go, I would. Well, this is somehow my car’s situation! LOL! Unfortunately, carrying around so much things in my bag has been taking a toll on my back. This is why I’ve been trying to switch to smaller bags. Obviously, my dilemma is how to let go of the things I think I “need”. Well, I guess I deserve a pat on the back for finally being able to select my non-negotiables – for now. Anyway here are the usual things I bring inside my bag. Of course, sometimes I can’t just resist adding more depending where I’m going.



This is probably the heaviest of all!!! Wait… not because of the moolah! LOL! All those membership cards and receipts make my wallet explode! This I have yet to fix – what I should bring and leave behind. I tried to do it once, but I ended up putting everything inside my wallet again feeling I would need it every time. LOL! But when my wallet can’t fit in my bag, as seen in the photo below, I just bring money, credit cards, and driver’s license.


Oil Control Film

Since I have oily skin, I need to have it inside my bag – all the time!



This is non-negotiable for me. Gone are the days when we can go out without a phone. Agree? But I honestly miss those days…


Lip balm or Lipstick

I can honestly go out without makeup, but I should have at least a moisturizing lippie with me since I have chapped lips.



I learned about this all around Zenutrients Spahhnitizer from Sample Room. If you’re familiar with this product, it’s now housed in a different packaging. It now wears a sophisticated black dress!


Gorgeous, huh? Well, I’m always a fan of black, as you all know. 😀

Anyway, the OC-ness in me definitely needs this! It’s an on-the-go natural cleaning spray that can be used anywhere – hands, mats, tables, and other surfaces. If you’ve seen my Instagram post (@lush_angel), it’s my new addiction!!! Calling the Titas of Manila!!! It’s not your ordinary alcohol because it has calming and relaxing scent. This is why you can use it as room or car spray and even as a mild insect repellant! By the way, since I have insomnia, I also spray it on my pillow. It really relaxes my senses helping me doze off. And when I feel a bit dizzy or stressed out, I just spray this onto my hands and smell it for a few minutes. The relaxing blend of Lavander instantly rejuvenates me! Take note that despite its affordable price (PHP 140 for 50ml), the scent stays for quite a while, which is good news! If you noticed, scents of a lot of hand sprays disappear quickly, especially the inexpensive ones. And since Zenutrients is known to have organic products, it contains tea tree and sugarcane alcohol. It’s not harsh on skin, leaving it soft and smooth without the sticky feeling. Yay for all-around and organic products!!!

Oh, and in case you haven’t tried Zenutrients Spahhnitizer, you can get a free sample at sampleroom.ph!

P.S. This is also a nice gift idea this Christmas!!! It’s great for all ages – not just for the titas! LOL!

How about you? What’s in your bag??? 😉