I can still remember when thin brows were a huge trend. Looking back at my photos in college, I cannot help but cringe! Haha! A lot has changed since then. In fact, I think brows weren’t as huge as how it is now, which is a good thing. We have come to realize the power of brows. Brow shape can be a sign of emotion, assert character traits, give the face personality, and help define the eyes. And because of this, various brow products can now be seen in the market. Of course, MAKE UP FOR EVER made sure they are not left behind with the launch of The Brow Show.


“…Whether the change is minute or extreme, working with eyebrows requires great thought because the consequences are important. The smallest, most subtle detail can completely change the model’s expression, therefore brow makeup requires expert analysis and assessment of the natural face to produce the desired results…” – Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER The Brow Show includes 3 brow products, which deliver diverse textures and shades that can help design your brows. Different products work with different styles and provide your desired look – from natural to sophisticated, from subtle to bold.

MAKE UP FOR EVER The Brow Show: Brow Liner

PHP 1,350


This is probably the most unique and most intimidating product in this line. The brow liner applicator is like a liquid eyeliner brush. The fine tip enables a high precise application that can create your desired brows – from natural to sophisticated. It offers the possibility to fill in small sparse areas of the brows, perfectly retracting their outline and creating a true brow transformation. When it was first used on my brows during the launch, I thought I won’t be able to do it myself. But surprisingly, it’s quite easy to use as it can really mimic the brow strands. Just draw short hair-like strands with a VERY light hand. It is very pigmented with a water-based texture. Oh, and it’s long-lasting too. I had it on for the entire day and it did not fade.


can easily draw thin hair-like strands


Shades left to right: #10, #20, #30, #50, #40


MAKE UP FOR EVER The Brow Show: Brow Gel

PHP 1,200


Brow Gel has always been my favorite brow product. In fact, the very first brow product I owned is a brow gel. The ease of use got my attention back then.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Brow Gel will replace Brow Seal and it has 4 additional shades, along with the original transparent, to match your natural brow tone. I personally use either #15 or #25 to soften and lighten my dark brows. It also has an asymmetrical brush to easily comb through brow hairs and distribute the gel. I like how the product gives volume to the brows without clumping the hair.


Shades left to right: #15, #25, #35, #45


MAKE UP FOR EVER The Brow Show: Brow Pencil

PHP 1,100


MAKE UP FOR EVER Brow Pencil works to even out color, fill in sparse areas and completely transform brows’ shape and intensity. It has a unique balance of waxes and pigments to ensure accurate, long-lasting, intense color. It comes in 5 shades.

It has an asymmetrical tip to easily create different brow looks. The wide end distributes the color with various degrees of intensity, while the fine tip ensures precise application to sparse areas. The Brow Pencil remains asymmetrical even after sharpening.


Shades left to right: #10, #20, #30, #40, #50


So, anything you find interesting? 😉

MAKE UP FOR EVER The Brow Show is available in MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques (Manila branches: SM Megamall, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, and SM Mall of Asia)

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