Most of you might not know how much I LOVE sweets!!! I can eat chocolates all day, everyday! Would you believe, I can finish a family size chocolate bar in one sitting?! Well, that used to be my “diet”. Haha! As I grew older, I try to minimize my consumption by not buying those huge chocolate bars because I always end up eating everything. But I must say, I can’t live without my sweets. It’s still my “happy pill” and my energy booster in my workouts!

The downside? The sugar in sweets turn into sugar acids, which is the #1 cause of cavities. This is why I make sure to brush my teeth with a toothpaste that’s specifically made for those who love sweets, just like Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer. It’s the first Colgate toothpaste that is clinically-proven to fight sugar acids found in everyday food & drink, most especially in candies and chocolates!


For some kids, brushing the teeth is such a horrible task. I’m glad I was trained well by my mom when I was young. Every time I eat sweets, she would always remind me to brush my teeth. She would even accompany me in the washroom to check if I’m doing it the right way. Oh, and I will never forget the classic Colgate toothpaste because I practically grew up with it. She would hand me that white tube every time! Well, it’s mom’s favorite toothpaste because as she would always say, it’s “dermatologist-approved”. It’s funny how my mom would relate everything to beauty – now you know why I’m a beauty blogger. Well, aside from being “dentist-approved”, her dermatologist said that the classic Colgate toothpaste prevents breakout around the chin area*. This is why this toothpaste is a staple in our washrooms.

But of course as years passed by, Colgate launched a bunch of toothpastes targeting the different needs of the consumers. Colgate has come a long way – from classic plain toothpaste and now to various flavors and kinds. Would you believe Colgate is now celebrating 90 years already?! It has been the toothpaste of the different generations of Filipino families – from our grandparents, to our parents, to us, and to our kids. Wow, Colgate has been keeping the Philippines smiling for 90 years now! Happy anniversary, Colgate!


*In my mom’s dermatologist’s own words. Not claimed by Colgate.

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