DND. Do not disturb.


It is almost my birthday week and this is where I’d rather be. Transport me to an island, please?! Well, why not? It has been very hot the past few days and it feels like summer here in Manila again. Weather has really been weird. Blame it to the effects of global warming. Can we make a conscious effort to take care of Mother Earth? What we’ve been experiencing is just the start, so imagine what the future holds for us and the next generations. 🙁


Anyway, sorry I got a little carried away there. Here are some throwback photos from my Boracay trip last May 2017.

I wore a tunic top as a cover up. In case you haven’t noticed, I love multi-purpose stuff — from makeup to clothes! This blouse scream summer so when I saw it part Old Navy’s Summer 2017 collection, I did not think twice. But of course, I was initially drawn to a plain white tunic. (My closet is made up of mostly black and white.) Well, there’s always a first. Haha!


Anyway, here are more photos from that trip…

black and white-bikini

Hat: Soak Swimwear
Bikini: Soak Swimwear
Tunic cover-up: Old Navy

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