Here’s a casual OOTD. I feel extra young in this outfit. Probably, it’s because of the bag and the shoes. Don’t you think? Hehe!


As you can see, I’m wearing different shades of blue, hence the title- Fly’s mirrored aviators in blue, Bric’s printed nylon handbag in blue, denim long sleeves, and shorts with a mix of blue prints. Well, I guess it’s about time I pay tribute to my university. Go Ateneo! Haha! 😀


If you’ve been following me on Instagram (if not, add me up @lush_angel), you’ve probably seen this tee which has been used and abused! I even brought it with me during my Japan trip last June. Please don’t judge me for using it again in this OOTD. Haha! This kind of tees have been my favorite since I got them. They’re very comfy to wear! 😀


This pair of shoes is an instant hit whenever I use it. People give me stares as if they’re telling me, “Ummm… I think you’ve got the wrong pair. You have mismatched shoes.” Haha! Well, it really should be a mismatched pair! It’s a dog-cat shoes. When I saw a lot of those mismatched shoes in Japan, I told myself, I need to get one. Hehe! Aren’t my dog and cat sooo adorable??? Even Tommy, my Mini Schnauzer, follows me around when I wear this. Haha! See, they can even catch the attention of my baby!!! 😀


Oh, and this pair is so comfortable to wear! It has soft velvety cushion, making it perfect even for travel. Hmmm… I wonder where will these take me??? 😀


Another travel buddy that I recently discovered during the Bric’s launch of Francesca Versace collection is Bric’s nylon totes. It’s a great Italian brand counterpart of Longchamp, which has been very popular for years now. I admit, I collected those Longchamp totes in different colors and designs, but unfortunately, most of them have to retire. They’re too worn out already. 🙁 I’ve been searching for a perfect replacement for my everyday or carry-all travel tote. You just can’t imagine my joy when I saw Bric’s nylon totes in different colors, styles and prints! 😀 This style and print is just one of them.




This particular X-Bag Travel Tote has two snap compartments with a central zip. Yes, you can stuff in a lot of your travel must-haves.


 Depending on your preferred length, the leather handle can also be adjusted.


This particular style also comes in other prints and plain colors too. I also saw other nylon totes, which come with smaller pouches inside that can be converted to body bags.


Since I recently celebrated my birthday, do you think I can still pass as a teen in this look? LOL! 😀 Please say YES! Hahaha! 😀


Shirt: Cinta Manila (Instagram: @cintamanila)
Denim long sleeves: from Bangkok
Shorts: Forever 21
Bag: Brics
Sunnies: Fly Shades

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