Bric’s, an italian brand known for its quality luggages and accessories, opened its flagship store here in the Philippines at the new wing of Shangri-la Mall.

The grand launch started with a fashion show, showcasing Bric’s travelling accessories.


Being a travel junkie, I won’t deny, I drooled over the bags used on that runway. Those leather suitcases are to die for. This is how to travel with class. Agree??? 😀 😀 😀


The motto “MADE IN BRIC’S” mirrors the cultural identity of an Italian company. A product MADE IN BRIC’S, comes from a tradition unique in the world that guarantees the elevated quality’s standard of a Bric’s product. When one speaks of MADE IN BRIC’S, one refers not to the geographical provenance of the Comapny but rather to the genius of Italian know how, from which an idea is born, and to an all too unmistakable style. Bric’s and its organization guarantees since 1952 the preservation of its traditions either when it manufactures in Italy or in other countries.


I guess everyone wants to travel in style and Bric’s definitely knows that. Bric’s teamed up with Francesca Versace, born in a family of fashion designers and a designer herself, for the FV_Bags collection. The bags feature colorful frames with baroque swirls. The frame is a symbol to hold on to the dreams, wishes, emotions, and moments.


Francesca Versace was actually present during the event. Oh dear, she’s so gorgeous in person! 😀


Right after Francesca Versace’s short speech, all the guests were ushered to the store. Bric’s Philippines even had an amazing audiovisual presentation before the grand opening. Kudos to the Bric’s team for an entertaining presentation! 😀


And as the “wall” was lifted, the new Bric’s flagship store was unveiled.


Here are a few photos around the store.

classic bags- perfect for shopping and travelling



Bright and colorful bags are really head turners.


X-Bags, the fun and stylish nylon bags

To my fellow travel junkies, you have to check out the 3-way tote! The bag itself is so spacious, exactly what I need whenever I travel. PLUS, it comes with a smaller pouch, which you can use as a body bag!!! The smaller bag is actually an added compartment snapped inside the tote. You can easily remove it and attach the longer strap that comes with the bag. OMG! I want one! I find it perfect for travel! 😀 😀 😀 If I’m not mistaken, it retails for PHP 4,500 and they’re offering 15% discount. They also have it in plain colors so you can easily match it with your outfits. 😀 Hmmm… my birthday’s coming up really soon. Should I get?!?!


Here’s a 2-way bag. Inside the pouch is a huge overnight or carry-on bag. The pouch can be used as a body bag since it also comes with a long strap.


Now, here are their TDF luggages!


The purple one is in my dream list. Hehe!



Of course, this one tops my Bric’s must-have list! Take a look at the details of this Francesca Versace for Bric’s luggage.


The collection is indeed so pretty. I can imagine myself wearing a classic dress and just let this bag do the talking. Ah, the bag hag in me started to kick-in when I saw the FV_collection! 😀


Congratulations to Bric’s Philippines for the newest flagship store in town and of course, to Francesca Versace for such a wonderful bag collection.

It was truly an honor to meet Francesca Versace in person! 😀 Thank you! 😀


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