One of our longest stay in our Eastern Europe trip, aside from Austria, was in Poland. On the way to Poland, I can’t help but wonder why were we staying there for five days! I didn’t had any idea on what to expect. From Berlin, entering Poland seemed like we were in some rural area. Architectures were different and it kinda reminded me of a place we went to in Netherlands- not my type. But I was wrong! Poland is actually beautiful, just like the other European countries.


For the first two days, we went around Warsaw, the capital of Poland. This place was heavily destroyed during World War II, but all the buildings of cultural and historical importance were restored according to the ancient designs and pictures. It’s very impressive. 🙂 There are more than a thousand historical monuments and places in the city. Here are a few…

Palace of Culture


Lazienski Palace & Park

lazienski_park lazienski_warsaw





Chopin’s Monument


Ghetto memorial


Royal Route


Royal Castle


St. John Cathedral


and their lovely Old Town…




Oh, and you know what’s our other memorable experience here in the city? Our hotel in Warsaw was just a 5-minute walk to the mall. LOL! 😀 You wouldn’t believe what my mom, sister and I did! After our tour around the city, instead of resting, we went to the mall to shop. We went back to our hotel after 3 hours since we had to eat dinner together with the rest of the tour group. But, the night ain’t over yet! After dinner, we headed back to the mall and stayed there until closing time- until 10pm or 11pm, I think! Oh dear, our feet and legs were really painful. We literally couldn’t walk anymore. This probably topped our Prague walkathon! LOL!