Uh-huh, that’s new! 🙂 I have never felt high with any sports. There are only a few sports I have tried since I was a kid, namely swimming, volleyball, pingpong and golf. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less! 🙂 I never stick to one sport. I’m the type of person who tries something then outgrow it eventually. Take for example, when I was in grade school (I think) when everybody seems to be into golf, i tried playing the sport for a few times. I even ended up buying a golf set of my own. This pushed me to play golf every weekend at the very least. After a few months though, I got tired of it. Looking back, how I wish I just used the money to buy a bag. LOL! I wasn’t a bag hag then, so I’m kinda excused to making such foolish decisions. Hehehe!

But the surfing experience I had two weekends ago is something new to me. It really gave me an adrenalin rush! An adrenalin rush that I have never ever experienced. I have never liked any sport as much as this. Now, hearing the word “surfing” alone excites me! 🙂 While we were at La Union, I felt really detached from the city life. I may have felt very exhausted after the surfing trip, but the experience and the memories are irreplaceable. Check out some of my photos below. 🙂 (Again, sorry if I had to cover my face. I’m really shy! Hehehe!)

la union surfing

Now, isn’t it that exciting?! The only problems with surfing: terrible body aches after surfing; long sun exposure; battle scars on my knees, elbows and hips; and just like in any other water sport, it can be extremely dangerous. But do you think these would stop me from plunging to the greatest adventure of my life? Na-ah! If I can only surf every single weekend, I would! It’s that addicting! Surf’s up, dude! 🙂