Siquijor is one of the provinces in the Philippines that hasn’t really been explored (unlike Boracay or Palawan) by a lot of beach lovers out there. I shared my travel experience in my Travelogue: Siquijor (Beach + Accommodation + Things To Do) post and I definitely want to go back! For those who are not familiar how to get there, here are some information.

Unfortunately, you need to make an extra effort to go to Siquijor. There’s no direct flight to the island, so the fastest way is to get a flight to Dumaguete. From Dumaguete port, there are several ferries and fastcrafts that could bring you to Siquijor in just about an hour. You need to check on the schedules.


Since there was a strong typhoon when we landed in Dumaguete, it was unfortunate that all ferries were cancelled that day. Or wait, should I say fortunate? Because our resort in Siquijor, Coco Grove Beach Resort, offered us to travel by a 4-seater plane. Of course, a chartered plane would cost us more but we decided to go for it since we only had 3 days and 2 nights in the island. The resort gave us a good offer anyway.

Since we had to wait for about 3 more hours, we decided to grab some lunch. Actually, if you have a few hours to spare, I suggest going around the city of Dumaguete and do a food trip. From the airport, you can ride a tricycle to bring you to Rizal Boulevard.



Since we were killing time, we tried Dumaguete’s Chicken Inato (or in Manila, it’s called Chicken Inasal). We aren’t sure if this is the best Chicken Inato in town, but the tricycle driver brought us here. Haha! Well, it was good enough! 😀




If you’re in Dumaguete, do not ever miss Sans Rival! They have the best Silvanas!!! Even grocery stores in other provinces in the Visayas region sell their Silvanas!


Silvanas + Coffee = perfect combo! Guess what, I brought home about 10 boxes of Silvanas! Yes, it’s that yummy!!! 😀


It was my first time I tried their Sans Rival. It was good too, but I still go for my Silvanas! Haha! 😀


After lunch, we headed back to Dumaguete airport. While waiting for our plane we had the opportunity to take photos around. Hello, it’s not always that we can ride a chartered plane! LOL! In fact, this was my first time. I love to travel, but riding in a small plane is a different story! At first, we were actually considering spending the night in Dumaguete and just ride the ferry the next morning. We got scared when we heard that we had to ride a 4-seater plane! There was a typhoon so we thought it would be risky to go for such small plane. Eventually, our excitement to see Siquijor won. Haha! YOLO (You Only Live Once)! 😀





And when our plane arrived, you can imagine how nervous I was! LOL!



Well, it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We didn’t experience any turbulence at all! It was a smooth and peaceful ride! Best of all, in just about 10 minutes, we landed (versus the 1 hour ferry ride).


Initially, our plan was just to take a tricycle going to Coco Grove Beach Resort. But since the weather wasn’t that good, we decided to avail of the transfer service of Coco Grove Beach resort.


Going back to Dumaguete, our service dropped us off the port and rode the fastcraft. Coco Grove Beach Resort did the reservation of our tickets already for us. For those doing DIY itinerary, it is important to take note of the time the ferries go back to Dumaguete before going to the island.

For me, the extra effort to reach the island is worth it! Our 3 days and 2 nights in the island was short but sweet. To know why, see my Siquijor post HERE.

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