Do you know that your skincare regimen isn’t enough to keep your skin young and healthy? No matter how religiously you apply your anti-aging moisturizer, you won’t get its maximum benefits if you lack sleep, don’t exercise, and don’t eat the right food. Recent studies show that the real secret to healthy, young-looking and glowing skin has to start from within. To get that healthy, glowing skin, you must complement your creams and lotions with a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to get glowing skin.


  • Sleep. Your skin cells repair and regenerate while you sleep, so make sure to get enough quality sleep. There are days when you also feel not well-rested when you wake up, right? One of the reasons could be that your alarm rings in the middle of your deep-sleep stage. To make mornings less of a drag—or if you know you’re only catching a few hours of shuteye—try setting a wake-up time that’s a multiple of 90 minutes. This is the length of the average sleep cycle, so you’re sure to wake up to a beautiful morning.
  • Exercise. Not only is exercise good for the heart, lungs and mind, it’s also great for your skin! It’s like a cleanse for your skin, but from within. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. It also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells.


  • Hydrate. This is probably not the first time you’ve heard the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water each day. Remember that healthy skin is well-hydrated skin. If you want to add some flavor, toss some lemon or a splash of fruit juice instead of drinking sodas or iced teas.
  • Eat Well. Eating the right kind of food is not just for your waistline. Your skin also benefits from the food that you eat. The vitamins and nutrients are used to repair and rebuild damaged skin cells.


  • Take Vitamin E. Vitamin E isn’t produced by the body, so it is a must to take a daily dose of a powerful Vitamin E, such as Myra E. You’re always exposed to free radicals that damage cells, making our skin looking dull and tired. Vitamin E is rich in anti-oxidant to help our skin bounce back and to stop skin-damaging free radicals from stealing life from your cells. It also repairs damaged cells and, at the same time, protects the healthy ones. Again, healthy cells mean glowing, younger-looking skin.


When thinking of beautiful skin, always remember this formula: your creams and lotions + a healthy lifestyle + healthy cells = healthy, youthful-looking and glowing skin. Make sure that you take care of your skin from within with Myra Holistic Skin Care.

Myra 300E is PHP 241.50 per bottle of 30s. Myra 400E is PHP 354.90 per bottle of 30s.

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