Yes, I’m livin’ a charmed life with this new brush set from Charm! 😀 I’ve always loved multi-tasking products, which makes these dual-ended makeup brushes perfect!


Similar to the other Charm brush sets, Charm Essentials Livin’ A Charmed Life Makeup Brush Set comes in an adorable packaging.



The casing has two flaps to make sure both sides of the brushes are well-protected.


When you purchase this Charm Livin’ A Charmed Life Makeup Brush Set, the brushes are individually wrapped in a plastic to make sure they’re new and clean. But still, don’t forget to clean the brushes first before using them! You want to make sure that anything that touches your face is sanitized.


Oh, and take a look at the brush holders. They now come in velcros to easily remove the brushes. Genius! 😀 You wouldn’t want to ruin one end of the brush because of removing and inserting back the brush.


Just like the Charm Vegan Brush Set, all the brushes are made of synthetic bristles. They’re practically the same as the Charm Vegan Brush Set, but I find this more handy for travel since each brush is dual-ended. The set is more space-saving and it has the most basic brushes needed for everyday makeup. The only downside I can think of is that I can’t place the brushes in my cup brush holder. I don’t want to ruin one end of the brush. Well, that’s why it has its own pouch. 😉

Charm Livin’ A Charmed Life Makeup Brush Set includes 4 dual-ended brushes and a lip brush. In terms of the performance of each brush, it’s also the same as the Charm Vegan Brush Set since, as said earlier, both are made of the same bristles. You can read my review of Charm Vegan Brush Set in THIS POST.

Lip Brush 


Angled Eyeshadow and Pencil Point Brush Duo


Eyeshadow and Blending Brush Duo


Liquid Foundation and Concealer Brush Duo


Powder and Blush Brush Duo


Charm Livin’ A Charmed Life Makeup Brush Set is available at Beauty and Minerals for PHP 1,599.

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