How many times do you have to leave your perfume behind because it can’t fit your purse or you’re afraid it might spill inside your bag? Well, it happens to me all the time!!! Recently, I was introduced to Travalo and Perfume Pod – the life savers of perfume lovers!


Travalo and Perfume Pod are not your ordinary atomizer. Both are manufactured by the same company and feature the Genie-S refill system, which preserves all the potency of your perfume and is guaranteed leak proof. It self-regulates the pressure to the environment (changes in altitude don’t affect the quality of your perfume) offering you a safe and reliable refillable solution.


Travalo and Perfume Pod work the same way, which I’ll show below.



Remove the perfume bottle spray head.



Insert the bottom of the atomizer to the perfume bottle, as seen below. Then, pump to fill. That’s it!


As you can see, the perfume goes directly from the original sealed bottle to portable spray without exposure to air, so there is no chance of changing the scent.


Both come in about 3-inch bottle in various colors. This 5ml bottle can produce roughly around 65 sprays. But what’s the difference between the two brands? Well, the price and the look. Travalo has the U-change technology, which enables you to mix and match your inner bottle with any Travalo case so you can match your look of the day! There’s also a level indicator window to see what is left inside. It’s totally free of glass!



On the other hand, Perfume Pod comes in a crystal clear bottle, that is durable, scratch resistant, and shatter-proof.


The downside of these containers though is that there is no way to clean the bottle if you want to change the perfume. This means it can only be used by one specific fragrance. But of course, if you want to experiment and mix fragrances, why not?!


Finally, I can wear my favorite scent anytime, anywhere minus the stress of carrying a huge perfume bottle! This is definitely for the modern men and women with on-the-go lifestyle.

Travalo (PHP 999.75) and Perfume Pod (PHP 349.75) are available at 2F Travalo SM North EDSA, 4L SM Aura, and Lazada Philippines.

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