My first ever skin treatment with House of Obagi was really a great experience, as shared in my previous post. A lot of people turn their backs away when they hear the name “Obagi”. Let’s face it, the brand somehow has the reputation that their services always come with a hefty price tag. The important question is- Are their services really worth the money? Well, I can only speak for the treatment I’ve tried, which is Obagi Blue Peel Radiance. As promised in my previous post, I’ll be revealing the results of this new chemical peel on my skin.

Let me just give a quick run down on the progress of my skin right after the treatment.

Day 1 (the day of the treatment): The moment I got out of House of Obagi’s door, I already felt the tightening of my skin. When I reached home past 2am, my face was a bit oily already- but not as oily as the usual condition of my skin. I just dozed off to sleep with it since Dr. Julie instructed me not to wash my face that night.


Day 2: The moment I woke up, I washed my face already. I noticed some flaking on the right side of my cheek, but it was not bothersome at all. I skipped on my toner and just applied sunblock. Since Dr. Julie said I can wear makeup as long as I’m gentle when applying, I just used a concealer and powder foundation. I didn’t oil that much the whole day. I felt the tightening of my skin, especially on the cheek area.

Day 3: The sides of my nose were a bit dry already. The feeling of skin tightening, especially on the cheeks, was still there. The best part: Oily skin no more, just the way I like it. 🙂


Day 4: There were some flaking around the lips and a little on the chin area. By this time, I already noticed that my face had a radiant glow. Unbelievable! To be honest, I initially thought that the “glowing” effect on the skin is just like a marketing spill. I was so wrong! My skin was really glowing, even without makeup!

Day 5 to 7: My face was pretty much the same as the previous days. I had very little flaking around the lips, but again, it wasn’t too obvious.

After a week, this is me. Note that I didn’t put any makeup on and the picture wasn’t edited. I only placed my watermark.

obagi-blue-peel-radiance-effect obagi-blue-peel-radiance-results

At first glance, my skin doesn’t have that huge and dramatic difference. I still have my pimple marks and unsightly pores. I didn’t expect the peel to act like an eraser. In fact, Dr. Julie said that even Blue Peel can’t completely remove pimple scars. They just blend with the skin, making them more unnoticeable. Besides, this was only my first treatment. Maintenance is a must to see noticeable results. This doesn’t mean though that this one treatment didn’t do any good. I was actually impressed by its results. The oiliness of my skin is lessened. I also feel that my skin is softer, smoother and tighter. My pores are a bit smaller, but as mentioned earlier, having that really obvious tighter and smaller pores can only be achieved with continuous Blue Peel Radiance treatment. It actually depends on the skin’s condition, but like in my case, every 2 weeks is recommended. This can be a downside as you have to spend PHP 4,500 every treatment. If you ask me though if it’s worth spending, I’d say yes! Obagi Blue Peel Radiance truly delivers. You may find other peels that cost less, but you wont achieve the same results as Obagi Blue Peel Radiance. Who knows, if you add up your facial treatments, you might even end up spending more just to get the same effects of this peel.

To whom do I recommend this to?
I would personally recommend this to those who want to peel but doesn’t want the downtime. You can go out and face friends/ clients even right after the treatment. You can even put makeup on. You can do whatever you do on a normal basis. If your skin doesn’t need much peeling as well, Blue Peel Radiance would also do. Again, don’t expect pimple scars to disappear because it won’t. If you have oily skin like me, you would feel that the oiliness of your skin is greatly reduced. Of course, the effects of one Obagi Blue Peel Radiance treatment won’t last forever. Continuous maintenance is a must to achieve great and perfect looking skin. If you feel you need to have new and fully renewed skin, you might need to go for their stronger peels, like True Peel or Obagi Peel. Or better yet, consult their dermatologists since they would recommend the best treatment for your skin type.

Disclaimer: Each one of us has different skin type/ condition. Effects of Obagi Blue Peel Radiance on my skin may or may not be the same on others.