Kiehl’s Takes Us To The Future

I recently visited Kiehl’s flagship store in the Philippines, which is located in Greenbelt 5. It now has a new look! What once was a quirky apothecary is now the store of the future with its traditional textures and modern twists.

How To Get Rid of Acne: Tips To Get Clear Skin

Truth is, I didn’t have clear skin a few years back. Some people couldn’t believe this judging from my current skin condition right now. It was after college when my skin started to breakout. I experienced jumping from one dermatologist to another because after staying with them for a few months, their remedies just didn’t work for me. So today, I thought…

Kiehl’s SuperSkinSesh

I visited Kiehl’s in Greenbelt 5 for a #SuperSkinSesh. What is it all about? Well, it’s a skin session to know more about Kiehl’s, my skin, and products I should use.

Kiehl’s Stories

As mentioned in my previous OOTD: NYC Roof Deck post, I was one of the lucky ladies to be part of Kiehl’s celebration of more than 160 years in the skin care industry. The event was held atop the Zuellig Sky Garden. I seldom go to big events anymore, but this one was a refreshing, one-of-a-kind scene. Good music was played by…

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Diaries Challenge (Day 2 – 7)

As promised in my first Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery post, I’ll be documenting my experience throughout the 28-day challenge. Here’s an update of my day 2 to 7 usage of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. Note that I apply the two religiously every night.

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